Check-list of things to do

Image result for image of clip boardNo. 1  Don’t Panic!

Ask friends to help – it’s suprising what talents are available in any community when you ask around.

First –  practicalities:

  1. Costs and getting Funding
  2. Venue
  3. Does venue have Disabled Access?
  4. Date/time
  5. Who is Day for and why?
  6. Which companies/charities/services/therapists to invite
  7. Car parking
  8. Loos/cloakroom
  9. Catering
  10. Will you need to tell the Police e.g. if there might be a big lorry delivering/lots of cars arriving at once, etc.
  11. How will you advertise the event?
  12. Who will spread the word to visitors?
  13. Decorating the venue
  14. Do you want Medical professionals to come?
  15. Do you need friends/staff to ‘man’ stands?
  16. What about welcoming greeters?
  17. Posters
  18. Leaflets
  19. Letters
  20. Insurance
  21. Go-fers to set out tables/chairs
  22. What notices will you need, and who will put them up?
  23. Running a tombola/raffle and how to get prizes
  24. Keeping Venue tidy
  25. Clearing up afterwards
  26. Thank you letters

No. 2  Make a master Check list

you can put somewhere easy to see – when in a panic you can find it easily for reassurance

No. 3  Confirm Venue 

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