Rolling out 7-day GP access

For those who need evening or weekend appointments

Jeremy Hunt’s dream of 7-day access is coming to a surgery near you.

In my part of London, (Kensington & Chelsea, Queen’s Park & Paddington), can book an appointment on a Saturday or Sunday (or, indeed, in the evenings, up until 9pm).

In other areas, Google ‘7-day doctor’s appointments’ or something similar, and up should come your local contact info.

Less complaints since the magazines


For Kensington and Chelsea, Appointment will either be at the

  • Violet Melchett Clinic  (Chelsea)
  • or St Charles Centre for Health and Wellbeing.(North Kensington)

Must I book?

Patients who need an appointment at the weekend or in the evening can book this through their own GP’s surgery if it is open, or by calling 111 if it is not.

Beware – if you phone 111 stress you only want to book an appointment.  111’s Call Centre staff are often not able to do more than follow the script on the screen in front of them – so be patient as they ask you the many pointless questions they are told to ask!

Does it work?

The one time I used this, for a Saturday appointment, I arrived 10 mins early and was called in exactly on time.  What are others’ experiences?

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