Antibiotics can make us feel worse  before we get better – and play havoc with our skinMade to feel guilty that we rely too heavily on antibiotics, trying to avoid taking them is almost impossible. Recent stays in hospital meant I picked up three different Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), was prescribed very strong antiobiotics in drips, and now feel a wrung-out but knowledgeable expert on the nasty side effects of these ‘miracle workers’.


The good news is I lost 8 kilos without having to diet! Antibiotics have to be strong to kill today’s hospital bugs – but what they don’t tell you is they also kill your appetite.  Imagine – I was lucky enough to be in the hospital where royals, celebrities and others go for top treatment, the chef is Michelin-standard, and I couldn’t face a darn thing to eat!  I probably have the dubious honour of being the only patient ever to have lost weight in that wonderful place.


Of course, I ended up with dreadful Brillo-pad skin. Rough patches all over my face and body, and I needed help – fast.  La Roche Posay came to the rescue, and suggested a ‘care package’ of products to sort out itchy, rough skin. Phoning to place an order with my local Pharmacy, they delivered a care package, with lots of freebies which kept me happily playing for ages!

Friends to the rescue

Wonderful friends were then calling to ask what would I like; chocolate was a no-no, the room was full of flowers with no room for more, so I just said “anything by La Roche Posay that is good for rough skin”, and ended up with a lovely selection of goodies.  The nurses all knew LRP products, and suggested some more, so I could slather these on.  Just as well, as my awful skin called for drastic treatment, and I was creaming and re-creaming four times a day.  The down-side was that friends then told me how well I looked, and made me feel a bit of a fraud.

Nurses were very complimentary too, telling me I had lovely skin.  All thanks to LRP!  Many of them actually use LRP too, so we had lovely ‘girlie’ chats about skincare!

Best for my skin

Amongst all the skincare I now have on my shelves, best products to zap my ‘Brillo pad’ skin were mostly from LRP’s Lipikar range.

Micellar make-up remover (don’t need to use water)Micellar Solution packshot from Sensitive Skin Cleansers, by La Roche-Posay

Concentrated Shower Cream unlike shower gels, this does not dry out your skin, but leaves it feeling clean and smooth

Lipikar Syndet packshot from Lipikar, by La Roche-PosayLa Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+ 200mlAnti-Irritation and Anti-scratching skin balm;  does exactly what it says and I applied it all over my body.

Hand Repair Cream – drugs dry out skin all over, so don’t forget your hands.  I found this LRP hand cream worked better than a £70 a tube product!  Honestly!

Barrier Repairing balm, Lip balms, etc.  I seemed to go through these at a fast rate, so anyone coming into my room with one of these tiny miracle products was made very welcome.

Also, from other LRP ranges, these were incredibly helpful:

Barrier Repairing Cream for the face, from the LRP Cicaplast range

Eye cream – from Toleriane range.  One of Nurses suggested this, as I found I had deep lines around my eyes.  I applied this day and night, and it really worked

Soothing Rehydrating Mask –  Hydraphase range.  Forget about wiping this off after a certain time;  my skin was so dry it just lapped it up, and for the first few days I was applying it three times a day.  Now I use it under my night cream, and just leave it on.

So if you have to face hospital stays, or even take antibiotics at home, be prepared for side effects of itchy, dry skin – and arm yourself with the right products to zap the side effects.  And if you have a friend suffering, a nice ‘goody-bag’ of LRP products is a wonderful tonic !

Discussing the LRP products with nurses, they said they used them because they were good value for money, and did the job very effectively.  LRP are sold in good chemists, or else you can go order from

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