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During treatment, have you ever felt cut off from friends and family because you mobile phone credit has run out?

Chris Lewis, founder of the wonderfully sensible and helpful charity, simPal, knows.  So he founded a charity that supplies free, pre-paid simcards for people living with cancer.  This means whilst you are in hospital, and for some time back home, if you aren’t working at least you can afford to stay in touch.

Chris says “we do not means-test, we are not interested in your financial situation, we are here to support you if you are living with cancer”. All this week you may have noticed the Daily Telegraph has had large ads. promoting this wonderful idea, and Chris tells me these Ads haven’t cost simPal a penny – “the Telegraph believes in the idea”.  As Chris says, “thousands of people in the UK can no longer afford everyday things following a cancer diagnosis”.

At least with this simple service they can still stay in touch with friends, family and medical staff.

  • More details from 0800 567 7890
  • To donate call  03300 082 200
  • www.yoursimpal.com
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