Could a hosepipe ban mean no more showers?  

Image result for royalty free cartoon showerWe ‘ve had some rain, so cynics say we can expect a hose-pipe ban!  and Doom-merchants are talking about how this could  soon be in place.

On average, the water companies estimate everyone uses 150 litres of water a day.  Google it, and results show an average shower uses from 2/5th to 4/5ths the amount of water used in a bath, so using a shower instead of a bath saves water.

And a bizarre fact – using a dishwasher for a full load uses less water than hand-washing the dishes as you go along!

What about us survivors?

First, we do need to keep out body skin clean – so don’t even think of giving up a daily shower.

In this dry heat we need to ensure our body skin remains moisturised.  Consultant dermatologist Dr. Anton Alexander is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying “daily showering or bathing improves eczema and dry skin as sweat can irritate skin.  However, ordinary soap and shower GEL dries the skin”.

Instead, he advises using a soap substitute, or perhaps a specially-formulated gels or bath creams, which are gentler.   Then finish off with body cream all over, and even use a stronger cream such as Flexitol on your feet.  If my skin is very dry after a day out, I always re-moisturise at night to zap flaky skin.

In this hot weather, I had been using an oil as it was lighter, but noticed my skin had started flaking. So I changed immediately back to my favourite La Roche Posay body balm, and away went the flakes!  Incidentally, I have been buying La Roche Posay products on sale on Amazon.  Got bargains, but the downside is they were all destined for another market, so names and instructions are all in Spanish!

These are products I am using at the moment : –

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