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Trying to restore shine to replace the thatch that sits where once was glossy hair, I was left feeling I shouldn’t be so vain when I foolishly tried to ask Oncologists for help. 

Most women believe hair is our crowning glory, and after cancer treatment with pills that ‘attacked’ my hair, I was desperate to do something about ‘straw’ hair, until the hospital dermatolgist gave me the impression that I was just being vain and wasting his time.
Doctors acknowledge that chemo can make hair fall out, but don’t realise that hormone therapy such as Tamoxifen can cause problems – at least in my case – And leave us with what can only be described as ‘straw hair’. Sometimes it is so dry it can be painful to drag a brush or comb through it.
Eventually kind friends, French doctors and finally finding a sympathetic dertamologist at Guys Hospital specialist centre restored my self-confidence, and I no longer felt like a stook of dry straw in a field.
And found there ARE products that can restore shine, and help repair our hair etc., but it takes time and persistence to search these out.  You need to be persistent, and I short cut the NHS by Googling to find a dermatologist who had done some training in the US; once I was accepted by him, he was happy to see me on the NHS, although I had been to him privately to start the ball rolling.
Speaking to Precious from Etie’no, she told me ” “Our products are for all skin types” and this is so important, as we all suffer from hair problems;  it doesn’t seem to matter which type of cancer we have, or what we are treated with, drugs today are no friends of our hair.

In 2012 Etie’no founder, Precious, was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. After several doses of Chemotherapy, total body Radiation and finally, a Bone Marrow Transplant, she found herself with very dry, sensitive and itchy skin, no hair, no nails and no self confidence.

Precious noticed that the products she attempted to use were chock full of ingredients that were harsh on her body, so she spent her recovery time creating things to heal herself. “This meant that I carefully looked into the ingredients and considered the benefits for my skin. Every single ingredient has been carefully thought about and as the products were for my use, I sourced the very best with no expense spared”.

We had met at the LYLAC launch, found we shared same skin and hair problems, and shortly after products samples popped through the letter box, including a lovely little canvas bag containing a Shampoo bar – looking like a bar of soap, but great fun to use.
 I rubbed the bar through wet hair, and the resulting lovely soft foam was obviously cleaning and doing a good job.  The bar was gentle, easy and fun to use, and did the job beautifully.  And I think it will last a long time, which is very useful!
Hair Oil
The companion product is Regenerate Hair Oil;  this is a light oil which I use to give a shine, and also when going out in the sun to protect my hair from drying out.  I have also used it as an emergency face oil (very good!) and friends say it is marvellous if massaged into nail cuticles – makes sense.
And I like the fact that Etie’no’s products are particularly suitable for ALL skin types;  so often it is difficult to find suitable hair and skin care unless you are the ‘English Rose’ type, but these products, as well as the next, are suitable for anyone.  Even men!
Monshea Natural alternative®

I get lots of ‘alternative’ products, but these didn’t just rely on being ‘natural’, but used differen oils that I found extremely effective, particularly on my straw hair.

One day, a trio of lovely tins arrived in the post, just in time for me to use some of the oils inside on my hair the night before a party.

[amazon_link asins=’B01HP7LVLC,B01J8LN2OM,B01JFPL2ES’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wwwaftercance-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’e1733bc9-9514-11e8-b716-89162a83510b’]

Monshea® African shea butter oil, is a natural plant oil containing multi-vitamins, vitamins A, E & F.and  is fractionated from premium grade unrefined Shea butter.  It was recommended as a treatment for my hair, and I was also used iton itchy skin; to hydrate and even out skin tones whilst also combatting signs of ageing after I had spent months in hospital.

I could see it was very oily and rich, so I couldn’t resist trying it out on my hair to start with.  Bingo!  It worked a treat, and my hair literally bounced with health again.

Apparently the Scalp Oil can be used directly onto the scalp, and has peppermint and rosemary essential oils infused into the rich shea oil, which contribute to relieving and invigorating dry itchy scalps.  I was using a prescription gel, but it doesn’t smell as nice!  Nor does it give me a lovely hair shine. This is a much more acceptable alternative which offers me TLC!

Monshea® Shea Oil with ylang ylang was awarded the prestigious UK Health Radio Janey Loves Award, winning ‘Highly Commended’ within the facial oil/serum category 2016 –

The only drawback I found is that it is very oily, so you need a rough cloth to unscrew the tin lids – but the oil inside the tins is worth the effort to get it out!  I keep on finding new uses for the oils, using them everywhere on my skin, hair and nails!  Whereve there is a rough or flaky patch

Now my hair routine is to use Monshea Oil the night before I am going to wash my hair; next morning I use the Etie’no shampoo hair bar to wash, don’t need a conditioner, just smooth on Regenerate Hair Oil when I comb out my hair.  Sorted!

Both Prescious of Etie’no and Monigho Griffin of Moonshea are passionate about the products they produce, and I love them both.  I now feel proud of my hair, and friends have started to say it looks good.  I am vain enough to like that! 


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