Spent five hours in Outpatients, and what a difference it makes if the staff CARE about patients. A few minutes after I arrived, one of the nurses came out to address us all and apologise for the fact that our surgeon was running over an hour late, due to complex cases. None of us minded – we had been told, and realised that instead of the usual rushed 10 minutes, when our time came, we would get a proper consultation.

More updates were told us re the delay, and eventually I saw my surgeon; he wanted an X-ray, and sent me off to have it done. This included a Judet view – a complicted procedure which I know some X-ray departments don’t do, because they are time-consuming. But this surgeon insists on ‘proper’ care for his patients. Thanks to that, he was able to give me reassuring news, and as I was last person he saw, we had a chat and he told me that I had done the right thing, almost bankrupting myself to ‘go private’. If I had stayed in the hospital where I was at first, I might not be walking now. But the very careful nursing in the private hospital, ‘handling’ me properly in bed, bed rest instead of trying to get me back on my feet and discharging me too early, had enabled my six fractured bones to knit back properly.

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