Image result for image for sunAre you finding Sun a mixed blessing? 

I LOVE it!  But it does my skin no favours, and I end up looking like a ‘dried prune’ if I am not careful. But here are two products that are helping my skin and avoiding that dried-up look:

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As Cancer Survivors we have to be extra vigilant in protecting our skin.  Yes, we need to get out in the sun and get  its benefits whilst we can.  But this doesn’t mean that we should neglect it.  In these lovely summer days, if we want to have smooth, fresh skin this winter, we need to be extra vigilant.  Beware not only of wind, heat and pollution but, most important, ‘wear and tear’ from drying out.  And this can happen even if we are sheltered under an umbrella.  Especially by the sea and next to white walls and concrete, be aware that the sun’s rays can be reflected off the surface, and the atmosphere is extra-dry, which does us no favours.

Facing up to problems

Looking in the mirror, I noticed more lines around my eyes, and my skin looked sludgy.  So it was time for repairs – and fast.

Although the Hydraphase lotion is to be used for daytime protection, I have taken to using it at night as well, either on its own or under my night cream.  This gives me an extra boost of hydration, my face has lost its ‘gritty’ feel and gone back to smooth plumpness.

Using the Anthelios Eye cream not only smooths out nasty lines, but it also has the benefit of SPF50+, which has got to be good.  Be aware that Hyraphase cream only has an SPF20, so you probably need to use a cream with a higher SPF if out in the sun.

Top Tip

Those Beauty Consultants behind the counters in posh stores – the ones with the perfect skins – all keep them that way by wearing a foundation with an SPF of at least  15 EVERY day (Winter as well), or they wear a sunscreen.

N.B  Don’t forget to drink extra glasses of water every day, keeping your skin hydrated from inside and out.  

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