VeriteDuring this sad time, I have suddenly realised that there is one huge benefit;  The Queen’s funeral kept politicians off the front pages – and more,  No photo opportunities for the new Prime Minister.;  she has been left to get on with Government business.

Boris’s hogging of front pages and TV set my teeth on edge.  I wondered how he managed to run the country and give time to his ridiculous stunts;  he would turn up at some factory or public event, dressed in a high-vis jacket, clothes crumpled and hair carefully tousled, and take time to pose for the cameras. Thankfully Liz Truss has kept inside No. 10;  we have seen her and her husband briefly on the steps of Downing Street.  Otherwise she is being dignified and behaving like a Prime Minister.

The media circus that accompanied Boris’s attempts to hog the front pages had to be seen to be believed. You could hear cameras snapping in the background, but if, as occasionally happened, the cameras panned around 360 degrees, all you could see what a sea of journalists.

This army had to be transported to the venue, so heaven knows what the carbon footprint was. Or the cost.  For my sins, I have accompanied this circus as a way of earning my salary. and one time I was having a good laugh with one of the Cabinet officials accompanying the supposedly VIP.

My naughty sense of humour got the better of me, as usual, and I posted a critical – and I hope funny – article about how the media circus was set up so politicians could get publicity.  E-mailed it off to a friendly Cabinet official hoping it might give him a laugh (he needed this with his job), and thought no more about it.

Until some time later I noticed the statistics for visitors to this site had gone stratospheric.  Then a friend phoned to say he had seen my article up on an official Government site.  Obviously ‘someone’ had put this up for a laugh – but it was soon taken down!