No sooner did I post an article about

Loneliness, than there was a ring on the


Recently, our Local Community Champions Officer, Linda,  has been visiting elderly people in Kensington and Chelsea, handing out a very welcoming pack for older residents. Inside were warm gloves (in an expanding size ), useful information and some packets of soup – just what is needed when I am too lazy to cook.

Not only would a lot of people welcome such a useful package, but having this delivered personally makes elderly feel cared for, and gives them a welcome visitor- win win situation all round.  I certainly welcomed the gloves – having had polio my hands are always cold, and these are made of a material that is really warming.

My Care, My Way

For once, when My Care, My Way started, the interminable NHS committees one gets co-opted on to came up trumps.  Patient Reps in Kensington and Chelsea had worked for over year to set up My Care, My Way, under the direction of Attain, the American management consultants chosen by the Dept Health to set it up; (it really needed someone who understood what elderly British people were like) and we often questioned how we could ensure American ideas would translate here -or more likely not!

Finally, the project was signed off, and by a stroke of extraordinary luck Anzelle, the first Manager, grasped immediately what was needed, and set in place all the things we had told Attain were essential – but they has never acted on. Including changing the name from Whole Systems (Attain said this had been the popular choice!) to the more user-friendly My Care, My Way.

This developed in to a user-friendly One-stop shop for everything we needed, from a health M.O.T. to trialling massage (brilliant).

As Faith, Health and Social Care Assistant, says “When people are elderly or ill, planning visits to the doctor is like planning a military operation. Now My Care, My Way sees tests can all be done on site at the Integrated Care Centres – all in the same place at the same time.I 

I did phone the Dept. Health to ask if this scheme is going to be rolled out elsewhere;  silly me, it was 4 o’clock and they had all gone home!  And they obviously don’t listen to telephone messages!

So if you like the idea – get your local Healthwatch and/or Town Hall involved.

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