Things are not good – have already broken my first New Year Resolution: to be more efficient.

Some time ago I received a lovely package from my favourite PR – had fun trying it out, then totally forgot to press PUBLISH when I put my thoughts into this Diary. Have just come across the mislaid copy, so do try this – it’s good, and goes by the unusual name of Docteur Renaud Carrot Renewing Night Cream

At the very reasonable price of £29.00 a tube, I wasn’t expecting much But those carrots certainly pack a punch. The details say “A triple-action formula that specifically works at night to detoxify, oxygenate and regenerate the skin. Its comfortable formula repairs the skin from damage caused by pollution to restore radiant and fresh skin when you wake up”. Couldn’t have said it better myself, as I applied the ‘back of my hand’ test to my cheeks, and found them lovely and soft and smooth.

The ingredients include Fresh Carrot Cells (natch) which are anti-free radical, something called Celldetox – which certainly brightened up my sludgy complexion, and Vitamin E – always good and again with anti-free radical properties. And what I liked was that if I needed a mask I could apply a thick layer at night and leave it to do its work. Now that’s what I like!

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