There’s no doubt cancer treatment, hospital stays, etc. make one look years older Hospital food is bad for the complexion, and lack of water makes you dehydrated which is bad for the skin

Drugs dry out your skin – and dry skin shows off fine lines, wrinkles etc.

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But, there are steps one can take to restore your skin and look years younger.

I am NOT medically qualified, but nurses tell me my skin looks good, so these are my hints and tips:

  1.  Drink lots of water or non-alcoholic liquids.  It is more than likely that you haven’t been able to drink enough water in hospital;  or you find it a chore at home.  Try not to drink too much coffee tea or sugar-filled fruit juices, but instead try mineral water, if you don’t like tap water.  Or try tomato juice – there is a new one on the shelves called Big Tom, and it is addictive!  And it is only 17 calories per 100 ml.
  2. Water or suitable liquids will help if hospital has made your body skin go slack and ‘crepey’.  But it takes time, you won’t get the tone back overnight.
  3. If you still smoke, maybe realising that this is most ageing thing you can do will help you give up.
  4. Take a mid-day or afternoon rest. After cancer most of us suffer fatigue, and although we feel we must get on with things, a rest restores energy and make us feel and look better.  After all, Churchill always had an afternoon nap, and he lived to a ripe old age.
  5. See if there is a beauty school near you that needs models for trainees to practice on.  Generally you will get massage for free, or a small sum.  In Europe massage is regarded as such an important health benefit that when I was treated at some of the top cancer centres, I was given a massage most days as part of my treatment.  In UK, if you are on a My Care, My Way programme (through your GP for over 60s) some centres are pioneering this – and first six sessions are generally free.
  6. Try and buy/grow organic veg. and fruit.  The big fertiliser companies have sponsored trials and tests that purport to show this is a fad, but this week came new evidence that organic produce stops you storing up harmful residues in the body. if you food shop online, see if there is a farm shop you can use – I use and their organic produce is far cheaper than in local shops.
  7. Cleanse and moisturise your face twice a day;  be ‘religious’ about this.
  8. Use a body balm/moisturiser all over your body after every bath/shower.  And don’t forget to take this with you if you swim or have hydrotherapy.  Again it will take time, but eventually you will see you have better skin all over.
  9. Exercise is definitely shown to have great benefits, especially with clearer, brighter skin.  If you dislike walking, try alternatives:  swimming, cycling – or even get a tricycle – I found one far easier to balance on, it’s easier for other road users to spot, and has a huge basket on back which carries my weekly Waitrose shop.PicadorPashley make these – order them from most cycle shops, and I have been riding one for years.
  10. And try and cut out sugar as much as you can.

Follow some of these suggestions as much as you can, and really you should see an improvement in skin tone within a month.

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