Thanks to Roy Lillie of who comes up with some very sage comment on current situation in the NHS. .

A month ago the Treasury were flatly refusing to front-load NHS funding. Now, they’ve coughed up.

Fingers crossed that this bunce will keep the dinosaaur creaking along for a few more months – until the next crisis. But as Lillie says, “Years of austerity have hobbled the NHS. Just about every key indicator is going south and the bodged efforts to change the Junoir doctors’ contract have distilled into toxic waste. Hunt is drowning in a mess of his own making.
A nice fat bung from the Chancellor is designed to bail-out the NHS in the medium term and portray the docs as self serving.
Yes, £4bn is not enough but how much is enough? Look at the police and local government and feel lucky, grateful, thankful, relieved… take your pick.

Public Health England will have to learn to be just as useless as they are now but on less money.
The DH, on the other hand, has been irritating beyond belief. This is in their press release. Talking of the £4bn, they say:

“…. additional funding will allow the NHS to offer 800,000 more operations and treatments, 2 million more diagnostic tests, 5.5 million more outpatient appointments and spend up to £2 billion more on new drugs that patients need.”
No! It will allow the NHS to keep the lights on, pay the bills and if we are lucky, invest in turning the Vanguards into operational, replicable, scaleable reality.

The DH press office add nothing to communication, understanding, reality or dare I say truth” Roy, I totally agree. As a journalist, they do their best to fob me off with platitudes, untruths, and have no idea of what is happening in other more advanced countries..

If we are looking into saving money, disinvesting in peripheral bits and bobs that don’t make the patient facing front-line of health care better, smarter and more productive, may I suggest we let the Conservative Party pay for the DH press office.
If we are doing their work, they could, at least, have the decency to pay for it!.

I do agree – but Oh! when I go abroad and get medical treatment, why do I look around and think “if only…”?

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