‘Try Before You Buy Organic’

That’s the message Botanicals is promoting in the run-up to the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, 15th to 21st May ’17.  Also, a free ‘Try Me’ pot will be included with every order placed with Botanicals during the week.

Hands & feet organic beauty box

 For anyone interested in dipping their toe in organic beauty, but wanting to try before buying full sized products, Botanicals ‘Try Me’ pots are the answer (see small pot in pic above).  There’s a selection of ‘Try Me’ pots available from Botanicals face, body, hand and foot care ranges.  Each costs just £2.95 (except Nourish Night Balm which costs £3.95) and provides a generous 5g; that’s sufficient for 4-5 applications.  First time buyers from Botanicals also receive two ‘Try Me’ pots. 

I have always liked this range, as they care about our awful ‘druggie skin’, and are always helpful when I ring up with yet another problem that seems to come out on my skin with each new drug I am given – so these pots might answer a whole lot of niggling problems when I am not sure of the best product to try.

Next month the prestigious Soil Association  Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, is taking place from 15th to 21st May ‘17.  To back this, Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare is promoting Try Before You Buy Organic’!

Are you concerned

about using synthetic and chemical ingredients on your skin?  Thinking of going organic but not sure where to start? Then the message from Botanicals is firstly select organic skincare that’s Soil Association certified.  This gives you the reassurance the organic products you’re using are authentic and adhere to the strictest, highest organic standards.  It is difficult to obtain this certificate, and guarantees that the product adheres to highest standards.  Then  ‘Try Before You Buy Organic’ with Botanicals lovely little ‘Try Me’ pots.

These little pots mean you can dip your toe (or fingertips) in this gorgeous Soil Association certified skincare range, before buying full sizes.  Whether you want to try face, body, hand or foot care products, Botanicals has a selection of pots available for the company’s most popular products.  Each costs just £2.95 (except Nourish Night Balm which costs £3.95) and provides a generous 5gm of product.  That’s sufficient for 4-5 applications as with Botanicals a little goes a long way.

During Organic & Wellbeing Week, Botanicals is including a free ‘Try Me’ pot with every order.  

First time buyers from Botanicals receive two ‘Try Me’ pots free of charge throughout the year!


I can see these will be a fun thing – and useful – to give to a friend in hospital.  Just enough to carry them through during the average stay, and fun to play with!   Also, if you are feeling generous, a basket of these would make a lovely gift for nurses at the end of your stay.

So what’s in the range?

Face Care – http://www.botanicals.co.uk/facial-samples/

Gentle Face Care Range (for normal, sensitive or problem skin) – Cleanse Melt – Cleansing Milk – Moisturiser – Balancing Detox Mask

Nourish Face Care Range (for dry and mature skin) – Cleanse Melt – Cleansing Milk – Moisturiser – Night Balm – Revitalising Face Mask

Hand Care – http://www.botanicals.co.uk/handcare-samples/

Lemongrass Revitalising Hand Balm, Hand Lotion & Hand Polish

Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Balm

Soothing Salve with Lavender & Chamomile for dry skin

Foot Care – http://www.botanicals.co.uk/footcare-samples/

Foot Rescue Balm for all skin types including dry skin

Body Care – http://www.botanicals.co.uk/bodycare-samples/

Calming Body Lotion with Lavender & Tee Tree for all skin types

Lemongrass Revitalising Body Balm & Body Lotion for all skin types

Neroli Softening Body Balm for all skin types

Wild Rose Nourish Body Balm for dry & mature skin

Free Try Me Duo For New Botanicals Customers – http://www.botanicals.co.uk/free-try-me-duo/

Nourish Cleanse Melt & Foot Rescue Balm – two of Botanicals most popular, award-winning products

Botanicals say it “creates beautiful 100% natural botanical formulations that adhere to strict performance and ethical standards, offering ecological products derived solely from sustainably produced, approved sources, free from artificial colours, fragrances and petrochemicals, including parabens.  They are as close to nature as possible benefitting your skin, as well as your health and wellbeing.  All Botanicals products smell simply divine, are aesthetically pleasing to use and produce clearly visible improvements in the look and feel of the skin”.

Sign a Petition

This Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week, the Soil Association is launching two campaigns.  The first is a charity-led Campaign for Clarity entitled ‘Come Clean About Beauty’, asking people to sign a petition lobbying the UK Government to regulate the term ‘organic’ to Soil Association/ COSMOS standards.  The second is encouraging consumers to continue to #lookforthelogo.

Botanicals’ Soil Association Organic Certification Commitment:

+ no parabens, sulphates or controversial ingredients used

+ only certified organic ingredients

+ or from sustainably produced, approved sources

+ safe ingredients, both from a human and environmental perspective

+ fully biodegradable ingredients that are also certified non-GM

+ reassurance there is minimum processing of ingredients

+ clear labelling for informed choices about what to buy

+ strict ethics based on personal & environmental health & wellbeing

Stockist Information:

To Buy: available from a nationwide network of salons, pharmacies and health stores and online from www.botanicals.co.uk.

To Learn More: contact Botanicals on 01664 464472, info@botanicals.co.uk or visit the company website www.botanicals.co.uk.

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