They just don’t get it!

My idea for setting up this Wellness Day is so we can all learn from each other, and exchange GOOD ideas.  During active treatment, I was horrified to be recommended a £170 video by my consultant, showcasing a centre where they did coffee enemas.  Well, I’d read enough to avoid untried therapies at all costs, and decided we cancer survivors needed practical, medically-based advice – not airy-fairy ideas, and especially anything promoting ‘miracle cures’!

We know the NHS is under-funded, so I was surprised to receive what seemed like a ‘ticking off’ after  I had written to the local Cancer quango to give them advance notice of the Wellness Day.  Opening their email reply, I was expecting a pat on the back. Silly me – just showing how they prioritise what is needed (or what they think is needed) there was a missive taking me to task, telling me what I COULD NOT promote re skincare,.   This  totally overlooked the fact that my background I meant I probably knew a lot more than the writer about skincare!.

Skincare in the UK is acknowledged to be poor; cancer patients suffer from this, but with my ‘beauty-editor-of-US-magazine’ hat on, I found which countries developed clinically-trialled skincare for us.   There are brilliant products now available here from Iceland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand – and my favourite, France, etc.  The UK could really learn a lot from these countries, and copy the way their cancer associations work with top skincare companies to develop products that alleviate the appalling skin problems we get from drugs. The NHS should also take heed of a warning put out by London Fire Brigade about some of our skincare that is prescibed!  I am hoping to showcase some of these overseas companies at the Wellness Day.

Although we are told there are charlatans out there, itching to make money out of cancer patients, what worries me at times is the way NHS promotes willy-nilly, and doesn’t take note of what experts tell them.  If it’s cheap, it’s OK seems to be their mantra.

Then I get a wonderful phone call from the French company, saying what they can do for us.  Brilliant!  They are going to provide samples so that we can try these products on our skin, to see if they work for us.  Then the Australian company, well-known in UK medical circles, emails me to ask how many samples I will need.!!!   My aim is to get as many samples of medically-approved skincare as I can, so everyone has something to try.  Cross fingers!

So the message is getting through, and hopefully both men and women will come and find help.


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