The word sorry seems to have disappeared from the dictionary.  No-one owns up to mistakes  – but many have become expert at shifting the blame to someone/ something that can’t give an answer.  And what those in power seem to have also forgotten is that their actions can be copied by thousands.
The furore surrounding Dominic Cummings’s recent road trips is a case in point.  If this scruffy Government Advisor had had the grace to apologise and say sorry when first questioned, ‘Domgate’ would probably have fizzled out.  Instead, he arrogantly skirted around the issue, tried to pretend – then excuse his conduct.

Thousands, faced with a similar situation, followed advice and stayed home, however difficult this was. Now, the prime minister is wasting valuable time facing constant questions on Cummings’ decision to travel from London to Durham during lockdown.

One feels this is happening because the knives are out.  Cummings must be on a six-figure salary, yet he dresses like a tramp, causing hilarity in the world’s media (not a good look when Britain’s export trade makes money on promoting tailoring), and experts public figures to look neat and tidy.

Cummings could have cleared his trip with top officials in Whitehall;  unless he is really so unpopular there wasn’t one person whom he could have phoned to ask for advice.  There is a growing revolt from within the Conservative party, and now we have an opposition MP resigning on a matter of principle, when she carried out what some would consider a lesser breach of regulations.

In our village today, it is noticeable that people who were scrupulous in following lockdown, now congregating in groups on street corners.  As I cycle past I hear comments about “if he can do it.”

lt was Lord Nolan, when asked to report into the conduct of public life, said If it doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t.’  And Lord Carrington who resigned as Foreign Secretary in 1982, taking full responsibility for the complacency of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in its failure to foresee the invasion of the Falkland Islands. It wasn’t even his fault, but as head of the dept. he did the honorourable thing.
Today, Social Media cartoons have given SpecSavers lovely publicity, and thousands have looked at this
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