Especially when Gran “doesn’t want to make a fuss” in A & E

It’s left to you to create merry Hxll on the old dear’s behalf

  • tell A & E staff who won’t listen when the old dear says she is quite happy to wait but her osteo-thingie would be more comfortable if she could lie down.  No-one listens so she ends up with painful  ‘back ache’ (she had Polio when young)
  • You are sure she has broken something, but she is sent home without an X-ray, but lots ol painkillers.  You have to take time off work to take her back five days later.  And yes, she has broken quite a lot
  • Is handed out a big box of medicines, which somehow you are sure are going to conflict with her other medicines ( and it’s scary when her Chemist shakes his head and tells you you were right)

Why aren’t ‘Elf ‘n Safety to be found when you need them – so you can ask their advice?

Why not station an Inspector inside A &E to champion Gran’s rights when she is dazed and confused?  

Or check prescriptions when it’s obvious there is something not right?

Instead of banning OAPs from dancing on potentially slippery floors, find the cellular blankets and pillows that were hidden away in hospital store cupboards on elf n safety grounds.  The current pathetic thin sheets that apologise for blankets won’t keep Gran warm, and slippery foam-filled pillows that slide onto the floor are useless.

Pain Relief

Next time we graced A & E with our presence, Gran had decided she “didn’t want to bother you, dear”.  So went up a ladder to hang her Christmas decorations, and ended up in A & E.  She had obviously broken something, so an X-ray was called for.

“What pain relief are you going to give her?  She will be in agony if moved for an X-ray”

“She’ll get that when she has had her X-ray”

Cue for me to make an enormous fuss – pain relief was given, she didn’t suffer pain whilst she was being moved, and she had broken her pelvis.

So why doesn’t Elf n Safety ensure that pain relief is given BEFORE moving patients onto X-Ray tables?   I know if done privately this happens automatically, but strongly suspect NHS is trying to save money somewhere.

Give Elf n Safety a proper job to do, where they can be some use looking after Gran in A & E.

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