In olden days failed soldiers fell on their swords – Or at least had the

grace to resign.  But the Minister in charge of the NHS has been conspicuous by his absence, during one of the worst crises to hit our health service.

Here’s what Jeremy Hunt, the Minister,  looks like – in case you spot him.  

Jeremy Hunt

Watch him trying to wriggle out of acknowledging the cyber attack on the NHS was a massive problem:

All over the weekend, whilst colleagues covered for him, Hunt wasn’t to be seen.  No explanation of what was happening to the NHS  IT system.  No apology to the hundreds if not thousands with cancelled operations, stuck in MRI scans, sent miles to A & E etc.

However, talking to someone who works in Richmond Towers, HQ of the Dept. Health, apparently they think ‘Jezza’ is marvellous!  Looks like we are stuck with him.

What is happening now?

If you are waiting for an explanation from the Secretary of State for Health, it seems you will have to wait a long time.  Hunt’s style is to leave it to everyone else to cover for him.

In any other time, the Minister would have been in charge of his department.  Would have banged heads together and told them they would HAVE to ensure the IT system was safeguarded – then demanded to know why if this hadn’t been done.  Would have looked at the maths – decided approx. 10p per patient was a cheap price to pay to ensure their records were protected by Microsoft, and paid it.

And he would have listened to all the gurus whom the Dept.Health paid a fortune to, and done something about securing all the IT data stored all over the country.  Not just left it to chance.  When a patch was sent out at the end of April, supposedly to protect against what has happened, some of the many minions running around in their fake-Armani suits in Richmond Towers should have contacted every Trust to make sure security was in place – and made it so difficult to slide out of responsibilities that every Trust CEO would have been on to their IT department to make sure it was all in place.

Considering the Dept. Health has recently asked some incredibly expensive advice from the top IT gurus who advice on web security,

  • A good leader would have listened to those in the know – and followed their advice.
  • A good leader would have had a “what if” plan in place
  • A good leader would have been highly visible during the weekend to reassure staff and the public, and to answer questions                                                                                                                                       Strange – does weasel Hunt strike anyone as being a good leader?  Wonder what he is doing at the head of the NHS, because he ain’t running the show for certain. 

(with apologies to weasels – who as I know stand up and fight).

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