The forthcoming election means Whitehall Press offices will be bombarding us with election ‘promises’ from every Tom, Dick and Harriet who fancies themselves as a potential MP. Of course, every party will be promising to Save Our NHS – it’s just so sad that none of them will actually come up with anything useful. Just the same old party claptrap. When they shout their slogans in my ear, I can’t wait to challenge them and ask “what are you going to save?” Because if it is the current NHS, with its ever-increasing waiting times for major surgery, extended waits in A & E, drug rationing etc. is it worth it?

And don’t tell me the NHS is “the envy of the world”, when Europeans no longer come here for operations, the only people who envy us are those who only have basic third-world care. Which party is going to be brave enough to include raising taxes for the NHS in its manifesto? And tighten up on who is actually eligible for NHS care? I am not holding my breath.

Oh! for the days of Screaming Lord Sutch: a genuinely honest politician because he admitted he was Loony. Other candidates are, but would never admit to being so.

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