Yesterday felt very grand; overseas TV crew interviewing me to ask what I thought of NHS. They had done their research, and asked searching questions such as “Why do Britons regard NHS as a Religion?” Good question. Turns out many they had interviewed had extolled how World thought NHS was superb – when they knew reality was different.

Unlike British confrontational TV, they were well prepared with questions re pros AND cons, and willing to listen. But at the end what they came back to time and again was my remark that, during my treatment, cancer survival rates in UK had gone down from 13th in European table to 25th. Set me wondering when we are going to face reality and REALLY set out to make the NHS fit for purpose.

They were also interested in way time between appointments was stretching out longer and longer – kept on coming back to facts, especially when I said I had met up with new specialist in April. He sent me off for physio for my cancer drug induced Neuropathy, saying he needed to see me in three months to see if working. I was eventually given follow-up appointment for October (NHS interpretation of ‘three months! ‘) and two days ago had had another letter to say hospital regrets to tell me that my appointment had been changed to January 2017.

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