Why Write This Site?

 I want Information – not pity

This is exactly what I want to hear. I don’t want “poor you” comments, no advice on eating miracle foods nor Alternative treatments.  What I want is sensible, down-to-earth medically-approved advice based on clinical trials and scientific evidence.

In Britain, healthcare is under-funded.  Doctors and nurses don’t have time to give us the attention they would like, so often ‘little’ things, that might make our lives easier, aren’t discussed.

Verite CollinsCharities say “we are there for you”, but in Britain they tend to follow the NHS line, even though surveys of European post-cancer survival rates places UK at bottom of the table,.  Try to find out what is happening in America or Europe, and you come up against a brick wall.

When I had polio I discussed my treatment with my Consultant and nurses, asked questions and evaluated possible action.  But that was the 50s, when the NHS  was ‘young’ and under Matron’s wise guidance.  Before ‘outcomes’, MDTs, tick boxes and computers.  The Patient was at the heart of treatment; not on a production line.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t find stories of “my cancer journey” much use.  I need practical, solid facts to help me make an informed decision.  Doctors often don’t have time to answer my questions or discuss options, and as side effects from drugs kicked in, I found there was an impenetrable barrier, with medics unable to allocate enough time to discuss these.  The worst was after starting on Tamoxifen my body burst out with bloody skin blisters (skin lesions) all over, and the hospital Dermatologist dismissed this as “it’s your age”.

This was when I needed a sane, sensible mentor, and was lucky enough to know the Senior Chaplain of the hospital where I was treated, Revd. David Brown.  Hospital Chaplains have seen it all, and David was there to give me sensible advice, based on what had worked for others. Also, he worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week – when necessary – so was always there when some rightening new side effect reared up. 

Hospital Chaplains are there to help; I’ve found whatever your religion, or if you are a complete Atheist, they are helpful, non-judgemental and full of knowledge.  David gave me incrediby sensible advice, but I can’t remember once having a ‘religious’ discussion – he was there to be helpful.

Once hospital treatment is over, patients often talk of feeling ‘abandoned’.  It’s often difficult getting information about medically-approved help for long-term drug side effects, and almost impossible to find products developed to help with these conditions.  So I decided to write about what help we could get, and that is what this website is all about. 

N.B.. I  am NOT medically qualified – so ask your GP, Oncologist or CNS if I mention something and you need to check.

Incidentall my name, Verite: is of Huguenot origin. and means TRUTH. I try to live up to this and ensure that I search out the truth behind claims for treatments.

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