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USE POLITICS TO GET WHAT YOU NEED Current inhabitants of Whitehall use their offices to feather their nests - so why not follow their example? Long gone are the days when, after a distinguished career, you went into politics to pay something back, and help others. Today, many MPs get into politics to further their career, rather than for what they can do to repay their community. Today...


With over SEVEN MILLION of us on NHS waiting lists for treatment,  etc., the NHS seems shell-shocked and unable to do anything to improve matters..  If you are on its list if must seem never-ending, and, sadly it seems it is up to us, the patients/victims, to help ourselves, as complacency exhibited by the Minister, Victoria Atkins, and the rest of the Government over these lists beggars belief....

First shots fired in the Election

The Election is nigh! Numerous Tory grandees live in our valley, so when a leaflet pops through my letterbox from my local Conservative candidate, I reckon the Election is near. So I'm grabbing the opportunity to do something to help myself and  lobby this prospective election candidates about what I want Even if you don't get a reply, each morning someone in the Canditates' office will have the...


;;;;;;;;;  Is cancer now 'by Royal Appointment'? Suddenly, our Royal Family is showing the reality that 'one in two of us will get cancer in our lifetimes'. Cancer is no respecter of birth, or lifestyle, and both  King Charles and the Princess of Wales, are experiencing what so many now face - a devastating cancer diagnosis for a family member.  In their case, the...


***Today, To USE YOUR VOTE WISELY In the days when politicians went into politics for what they felt they could do to help others, not themselves, the greedy self-interest shown by today's crop of MPs would have been frowned on. You might not have agreed with what was in their party manifesto - but you knew that what was set out was designed for the good of the majority. But today. when...

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Check out the diary page – read my direct, straight-talking insight into the world after cancer treatment, drawing on my real-life experiences – which are sometimes bizarre!

Many whom you will meet in a medical capacity can be tight-lipped about problems that may crop up.  They may even try and brush them under the carpet, saying “no-one else has reported this”.  I suspect this is because hospitals often don’t have time or staff to deal with them. I have tried to list as many as I came across, together with solutions that might help you.  Look them up under the categories below.

Having fun after cancer is fundamental – for both body and mind. If you can’t laugh I hope this website can be helpful.

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What an amazingly informative article, thanks! This is so important and the progress that has been made in awareness, education, treatment and overall respect. Please have a look at the link and join us by adding your comment on the tremendous value of pink ribbon campaigns. Keep up the great work and stay well!! Thanks



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