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Shocking Energy bills hit the vulnerable When Age UK asked me to talk to an APPG I welcomed the chance,  APPGs (All Party Parlitary Group) are made up of MPs and Peers from all political parties.  This one was  interested in Aging and Older People, and were meeting to discuss Fuel Poverty. I thought I should talk in general terms, but Age UK said they particularly wanted me to focus on the...

Strikes won’t cure the NHS

But will Patricia Hewitt improve efficiency? I do wonder who is in charge of today's NHS?  Ministers seem to be on a merry-go-round producing a new incumbent every month or so. Recently, one of these Ministers set the NHS the tasks of improving obesity figures, stopping smoking, and limiting drinking.  So the next Minister turns out to be someone who cheerfully admits she smokes, drinks, and...

Larry the Cat for PM

Enough is enough Amongst all the problems one has to deal with around the NHS, one can't help noticing that there are some Whitehall residents that are doing a very good job.  Would whoever is Secretary of State for Health this week, take note:  Larry keeps his head down, doesn't seek the limelight (although it follows him), and gets on with his job.  , Larry, resident moggie at 10, Downing...

Autumn food

10 tips to help keep food costs down Just because we are trying to save money, doesn't mean we can't eat healthily.  This means being extra savvy when shopping;  gone are the days of throwing things into the trolley -  just in case - but instead, most follow a plan. Think about Frozen vegetables. Ounce for ounce these are often better value then 'fresh', and contains more nutrirnts with no...

Arbonne again

Fizz sticks help the medicine go down Since winning a lovely selection of Arbonne products in a draw at Maggie's,                I have been a fan. Recently I noticed they have a new product called Fizz sticks (little sachets containing citrus-flavoured powder - snip off the end and pour them into a glass of water) which seemed ideal to help my daily (tasteless) effervescent Solvazinc nail...

Knowledge and opinions from eminent, helpful professionals

Check out the diary page – read my direct, straight-talking insight into the world after cancer, drawing on my real-life experiences – which are sometimes bizarre!

Many whom you will meet in a medical capacity can be tight-lipped about problems that may crop up.  They may even try and brush them under the carpet, saying “no-one else has reported this”.  I suspect this is because hospitals often don’t have time or staff to deal with them. I have tried to list as many as I came across, together with solutions that might help you.  Look them up under the categories below.

Having fun after cancer is fundamental – for both body and mind. If you can’t laugh I hope this website can be helpful.

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