Welcome to AfterCancers.com, created by me, a cancer survivor, for other survivors, their friends and family. 

I hope to highlight the things ‘they’ don’t tell you, that help make out lives easier.  I wanted to share my experiences, so no-one else gets fobbed off with comments blaming side effects on “it’s your age”.   It’s not – its 99% bound to be caused by all the poisons pumped into us – but they do help us survive. .

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  • The site draws on a wealth of knowledge and opinions from eminent, helpful doctors, nurses, researchers, physios and other professionals both in UK, Europe and USA, who have agreed to share their knowledge.
  • The diary page – my musings about the world after cancer, drawing on my real life experiences – and I try to throw in some humour !
  • After cancer issues and hurdles are also covered in the diary – have a read, find information and leave a Comment.
  • Having fun after cancer is fundamental– to getting better and surviving in the long term, , so we dedicate a whole page on How to have fun again.
  • To contact me  email verite@greenbee.net or phone 44 (0)1856-343536

AWARD winning blog, including Certificate for SCOPE Volunteering Committee

Nov. 2019 We have been selected as one of the Top Blogs by Feedspot. You can check out the complete list here- https://blog.feedspot.com/uk_cancer_blogs/ “


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