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AfterCancers.com has been created specifically for cancer survivors, their friends and family as a resource to use after cancer treatment. Written and created by a cancer survivor who wanted to share her experience of life after cancer, the ups and downs, the continuing battle with side effects, post care issues, mental well-being but most of all learning that life after cancer is good!

CANCER, the word can strike fear into people’s hearts. Most have experience of cancer in some form or other, via friends or family or yourself. When diagnosed with cancer it can seem as if time has instantly stood still, the world carries on and you are now stuck in a cancer bubble not knowing when or if it will burst. Then one day you emerge on the other side, battered around the edges, carrying the scars and you realise you will never be the person you were before. So how do you carry on after cancer? Both physically and mentally cancer survivors can feel a whole range of emotions which are difficult to manoeuvre through.

This site contains a wealth of knowledge and opinions – from products that work for after cancer care or during treatment to how to have fun again. Check out the diary page where AfterCancers.com creator Verite Reilly Collins provides a direct, straight talking insight into her world after cancer with real life experiences and a good dose of humour thrown in! The AfterCancers.Com Blog highlights some of the main areas of after cancer issues and hurdles that many cancer survivors experience – have a read, find information and comment on recent articles.

Having fun after cancer is fundamental to getting better long term, for both body and mind, so it’s important we dedicate a whole page on how to have fun, again. This includes a section on products specifically sourced, tried and tested by cancer survivors like you. From skin creams to recipe books, there is something for everyone.


American Websites

Fox Chase

  Fox Chase Cancer Center issues advice on suntans etc.  This very respected US cancer centre has...


ASCO is the US Government's Official Cancer Advice website. A kind of American equivalent of NHS...

What is Livestrong?

Livestrong is a cancer charity founded by a drug cheat The cheat was cyclist Lance Armstrong,...

Beauty and Skin

Getting an Appointment


Letter from a Doctor

Letter from Dr.Walker of National Health Action Party The new Department of Work and Health?  Now...

Understanding NHS Jargon

The NHS speaks a language of its own  Whenever I phone to make an appointment at local hospitals,...

Translating doctor-speak

Fun way to decide what Doctors mean Very much tongue-in-cheek Yorkshire folk have the lowest...


Lymphoedema list

Health Unlocked is an excellent website Forum for those of us with Lymphoedema or Osteoporosis...


Were you warned about this? No, neither was I.  But we shouldn't ignore the condition, instead we...


Men get breast cancer too

Suspect you have cancer - and it can be difficult to go for testing As a woman, I can't imagine...

Glimmers of good news

  The recent ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology Conference came out with a lot of good...


What is this? Some have suggested it's Grateful Dread Public Relations, a Baltimore Radio...



Our Shop

A range of clinically trialled, independently researched and approved cancer care products.


Latest News


Nutrition Food & Exercise

New ideas for exercise

Exercise IS good for you ! It's just trying to get it that's difficult. Having closed down...

Ideas for losing weight

Re-thinking weight loss   European Journal of Nutrition highlighted that fat does not necessarily...


A Royal Accolade

THIS MESSAGE POPPED INTO MY INBOX We’re delighted to let you know that the National Osteoporosis...

Osteo Blast

Welcome to Osteo Blast This is NOT enough exercise !!! but when I was told I had 'gained'...

Post Treatment

Tips and Tricks

Hot flushes

Seen on a mug at my surgery:  Don't think of Hot Flushes, think of them as POWER SURGES.  

SimPal to the rescue

During treatment, have you ever felt cut off from friends and family because you mobile phone...

Chatting for Cancer

Patients, especially the elderly, can find themselves isolated and alone after treatment. Often...

Looking after the Elderly

Americans seem to look after their elderly better than we do I can't imagine an American 'senior'...

Treatment and Massage

Be healthy – get a Pet

At this time of year most people have a New Year Resolution If yours is to get a Puppy - well...

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