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Why do we have politician in charge of our Health?

We need a medical professional in charge of NHS - not politicians It's all coming out now - thanks to 100,000 leaked WhatsApp exchanges, showing that the then Health Minister, Matt Hancock, rejected official guidance from Prof. Sir Chris Witty (the Government's own Chief Medical Officer), to test all patients going into English care homes for Covid-19. With horrific consequences. Which poses the...

Headlines give me a wry smile

Humour in Headlines Sometimes Newspapers can give me an unexpected laugh.  The Polio Survivors' Network has come up with the following genuine headlines, sent from their American colleagues, which might give you a lift when enduring yet another 'bad hair' day :  Two convicts evade noose, jury hung. Queen Mary having bottom scraped. Panda mating fails - veterinarian takes over. Eye drops off...

The NHS wastes resources on referral system

Why waste time on referrals? "We need a referral from your GP". That phrase is guaranteed to send me up the wall.  Why. Oh why are patients in Britain treated like children?  In Europe, I can usually phone the consultant's Secretary directly to arrange an appointment.  Here, I have to go through a laborious process of asking my GP to make an appointment.  With the current difficulties of getting...

NHS pivotal for next election

Beware the 'NHS sympathy' vote Another election is due shortly;  you can tell when one is in the offing because politicians start canvassing.  One of their favourite 'platforms' is ideas for reforming the NHS; a sure-fire vote winner. Every day they come up with fresh - and absurd - ideas to improve the NHS.  The fact that the NHS is short of staff to carry these ideas out seems to escape their...

Don’t forget me!

Sometimes I feel anonymous   I am very grateful that medical staff do so much for me - but just sometimes I wish they would just stop and ask me what I want, instead of assuming they are acting for me in my best interests. Currently, Strike leaders say they are striking for us patients.  This is very laudable, but it would be nice if 'they' listened to me when I mention my medical needs -...

Knowledge and opinions from eminent, helpful professionals

Check out the diary page – read my direct, straight-talking insight into the world after cancer, drawing on my real-life experiences – which are sometimes bizarre!

Many whom you will meet in a medical capacity can be tight-lipped about problems that may crop up.  They may even try and brush them under the carpet, saying “no-one else has reported this”.  I suspect this is because hospitals often don’t have time or staff to deal with them. I have tried to list as many as I came across, together with solutions that might help you.  Look them up under the categories below.

Having fun after cancer is fundamental – for both body and mind. If you can’t laugh I hope this website can be helpful.

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