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Zahawi fails again

It puzzles me why we have to have politicians running the NHS. Some may remember the latest one to be sacked, Nadim Zahawi, had been appointed Under-Secretary of State for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment. Rather an important job, one would imagine, particularly in today's troubled times. He lasted less than a year, before skipping off to other appointments on his career path.   During the COVID-19...

Exercise for Osteoporosis

The NHS is taking note of Osteoporosis You don't want more fractures., but exercise helps protect your bones - Tips on staying active safely Osteoporosis is a major cause of disability in older women. and to a lesser extent in men. Having osteoporosis often results in fractures in the hip and spine — which can severely impair your mobility and independence. So how do you reduce your risk of...

NHS -Something has to change

Lets work the NHS for our benefit -  and move up appointments ladder Daily stories show the NHS in crisis.  With politicians in charge, things are bound to get worse, unless patients tell the NHS what is needed It's no use spouting the mantra that what's needed is more money - it's gone way past that.  Other countries make better use of their healthcare budgets; the UK has the worst outcomes in...

Avoiding NHS Red Tape

My New Year Resolution is to avoid NHS red tape    A recent Headline in the Daily Mail has inspired me to DO something for my health's sake. It quoted GPs saying they feel "the gulf between primary and hospital care is harming patients". At last - someone realises what is going on. So my New Year Resolution is to come out and make a fuss to help improve my care According to a recent survey...

Pain – and ways to help

Good thing to come out of Covid  Thanks to some rather high-profile people catching Covid, which gave them pain in their joints, I found pain reiief for my joint pain has improved remarkably in the past two years.  It's surprising what can happen when the prime Minister gets ill -and more than likely Joint Pain figured in his side effects. Before, the UK was particularly bad at treating pain.  I...

Knowledge and opinions from eminent, helpful professionals

Check out the diary page – read my direct, straight-talking insight into the world after cancer, drawing on my real-life experiences – which are sometimes bizarre!

Many whom you will meet in a medical capacity can be tight-lipped about problems that may crop up.  They may even try and brush them under the carpet, saying “no-one else has reported this”.  I suspect this is because hospitals often don’t have time or staff to deal with them. I have tried to list as many as I came across, together with solutions that might help you.  Look them up under the categories below.

Having fun after cancer is fundamental – for both body and mind. If you can’t laugh I hope this website can be helpful.

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