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Managing your appointments

Playing the NHS appointments system Recently two senior Consultants told me they don't expect the NHS to be around in ten years' time. So I just hope those 7 million plus of us on waiting lists get seen before this happens. Mulling this over, I reflect I usually see my doctors in a timely fashion, without long waits, because I follow my own advice on climbing up the waiting list;  a sneaky way...

Letter to a newly-diagnosed friend

The club no one wants to join Dear L This isn't a fun place to be, in fact, it is B......y confusing and scary   You see, there is no typical case, so no one is really able to tell you what is going to happen. The next few weeks you might feel you are on a production line hurtling along, and no-one has the time to stop it, and explain what is going on. You are going to have to suss it out for...


Don't compromise on Skincare  Today's medical treatments use strong drugs, which can leave patients with nasty side effects, similar to the left side of this image, and often worse. Skin is our largest organ, but drugs used to treat us can produce nasty side effects, causing eruptions. We all want skin looking like the ‘nice’ right side, but anyone whose skin looks like the left side, probably...

Appointments – and getting them!

Getting what I want!  Last January I posted this article, and a friend has just phoned to say it's worked for her too - so here it is again!  ......... Last January my polio consultant gave me new instructions and said he would see me in May to check if they worked.  Come May, I phoned - only to be told "Dr. X's clinic is full up to July, when it closes". ...

NHS v. Private care

Feelings run high over private  medical care. In other countries,  private and state-funded care run side-by-side, but here it can lead to bad feeling.When I lived in London, some private providers had seen opportunities and were providing sub-standard services to the NHS.  e.g. one had cleverly seen that I had had polio, so made this the excuse to provide cheaper X-rays rather than an MRI Scan,...

Knowledge and opinions from eminent, helpful professionals

Check out the diary page – read my direct, straight-talking insight into the world after cancer, drawing on my real-life experiences – which are sometimes bizarre!

Many whom you will meet in a medical capacity can be tight-lipped about problems that may crop up.  They may even try and brush them under the carpet, saying “no-one else has reported this”.  I suspect this is because hospitals often don’t have time or staff to deal with them. I have tried to list as many as I came across, together with solutions that might help you.  Look them up under the categories below.

Having fun after cancer is fundamental – for both body and mind. If you can’t laugh I hope this website can be helpful.

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