Fizz sticks help the medicine go down

Since winning a lovely selection of Arbonne products in a draw at Maggie’s,                Vintage Style Oranges Seamless Pattern Repeating background of old fashioned style oranges. Flat colors. Elements can be released form clipping mask. Mid-Century Style stock vectorI have been a fan. Recently I noticed they have a new product called Fizz sticks (little sachets containing citrus-flavoured powder – snip off the end and pour them into a glass of water) which seemed ideal to help my daily (tasteless) effervescent Solvazinc nail strengthening tablets’ go down.

These are vegan-friendly, contain Ginseng, which has to be healthy, and with umpteen flavours to choose from, I just have to dissolve the ‘sticks’ in water so they give my tablets a pleasant zing!

But these little ‘sticks’ also have health benefits. Recently I have been reading scary stuff about nasties lurking in our guts, so have been extra-careful about what I eat and drink.  But I do like a refreshing, slightly fizzy drink – and these Fizz Sticks seem the ideal way to strengthen my gut as well as help the ‘medicine go down’.

On top of this was a lovely letter from Sarah McLellan, their Regional Vice President, telling me all about the Arbonne famiy of plant based products, and even offering me discounts if I wanted more.  If you are worried about your gut, they have a ‘family’ of products specially tailored for this.

But they also have lots of vegan and user-friendly plant-based products for

I eat lots of fruit and vegetables etc and thought that was enough.  But, wondering if I was getting really old, or else how come strawberries and other fruit don’t seem to taste as good I started looking into this.  and was shocked at how the actual nutrition content of fruit and vegetables have depleted hugely over the last few decades due to changes in farming.  Sarah McLellan, from Arbonne, even wrote to me to say  she had been “reading something that suggested you would need to eat 10 oranges now to have the same levels of Vit C as you would have had from one orange twenty years ago!”
There’s more and more focus in mainstream media now, on the importance of good gut health, which research shows impacts so many areas  – low energy, digestion problems, our skin, our hair, our moods, our weight – over 60% of our immune system is in our gut.
Ssrah suggested “If you have time – feel free to have a look at this video with a friend of mine Sarah Law, she’s very easy to listen to and a wealth of knowledge -”