Treatment And Massage

Now even Wall Street Journal highlights long term effects

You’ve Survived Cancer What Next? Cancer generally comes as a big shock.  During treatment, you struggle to get through the hospital production line and stay positive. Comes the great day when you have your last treatment - now you can plan for the rest of your life?...

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New ideas for treating long term side effects

Feeling forgotten - abandond - overlooked? We're excited when told we have fnished treatment.  Some even get to ring a bell.  What we can never imagine is having to deal with numeous problems caused by long term side effects from treatment;.  Some are niggles - others...

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Be healthy – get a Pet

At this time of year most people have a New Year Resolution If yours is to get a Puppy - well done.  Health gurus say having to exercise a puppy/dog gives enormous benefits, and one of the best ways of incorporating exercise into your life-style, and getting better. ...

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If cancer survivors can’t get treatment in UK-go abroad

The Guardian estimates there are over 625,000 UK cancer survivors suffering long term side effects from their treatment.  And this is increasing. We have very basic care on the NHS, but there is nothing - except having to pay - to stop us taking advantage of European...

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