American websites

It's no use being Patriotic - American cancer websites can give better information than we get from British websites Britain may have set up the World Wide Web – but it has taken Americans to show us the best use of the web for the benefit of cancer survivors.   ...

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My contact

I am happy to hear from readers, and to know if any of my posts are useful to you. However, I am NOT medically-qualified, so cannot give medical advice. Verite Reily Collins Phone:  01865-343536

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More contacts for cancer information

ME :  If you think I can help, my contact is  I can't answer medical questions, but am happy to help if I can pass on information. Using the Internet With the advice constantly changing on every aspect of Coronavirus, I would suggest monitoring...

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Contacts – Abroad

Some helpful Cancer contacts United Nations World Health Organisation logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)     These are sites that provide helpful information on treatment abroad. With Brexit looming, suddenly the NHS, having ignored what is provided in European...

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