Getting An Appointment

Waiting times for cancer treatment are a scandal

Waiting times lengthen for cancer treatment Watching juvenile performances from our Politicians makes me long for childhood fairy tales;  at least one could believe them.  Today, fairy-tales woven around the pledgess of what each Party is going to do for the NHS are...

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How to re-book a cancelled appointment

NHS blames us for appointments' debacle If you see a notice like this on the Outpatients wall, take it with a pound of salt and cynicism. This is all part of the NHS culture; often far from the truth.  Recently I was part of an NHS committee; it was fairly high up...

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Devious ways to get an NHS appointment

NHS waiting lists getting longer Your illness is important to us.  All our doctors and nurses are busy attending to other patients.  You will be attended to as soon as someone becomes available.   Patients can feel they are dealing with 'call centre mentality' (see...

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Making a useful New Year Resolution

Everyone makes Resolutions at this time of year - so I'm making a useful one Had a 'light bulb'moment when I lost my temper with the surgery, and got a long-delayed appointment within two weeks.  So my New Year's Resolution is simple:  to make sure I get the...

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Looking after yourself in today’s NHS

Cancer Survivors need to look after themselves  Not only does UK have poorest European cancer survival rate (WHO statistics, etc) - but ....... The Prime Minister's promise of funding for the NHS is short on detail. Nick Robinson (cancer survivor and BBC presenter),...

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The NHS is a GMFU in action leading up to its 70th Anniversary

In the Army, when things are about to go very, very wrong, this is known as a G.M.F.U For civilians, that's translates to a Grand Military F.... Up, With apologies to readers for 'military' language, the NHS is about to celebrate its 70th Birthday and I can see a GMFU...

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