Watch out for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis  Osteoporosis is a medical condition that leads to weakening of the bone structure in your body. The condition makes bone more fragile and increases your chance of sustaining a broken bone. Cancer treatment can induce this disease, so I was sent for an...

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A Royal Accolade

THIS MESSAGE POPPED INTO MY INBOX We’re delighted to let you know that the National Osteoporosis Society has had a rare Royal title approved by The Queen. We're therefore announcing our intention to change our name to the Royal Osteoporosis Society in 2019. We hope...

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Stop at One – for bone health

Warning - cancer treatment comes with risk of osteoporosis Cancer Research UK  say any cancer treatment in women that lowers oestrogen levels can increase the risk of osteoporosis. Treatments include: chemotherapy that caused an early menopause hormone therapy with a...

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Good news on the sunshine front

If you ever wondered what Vitamin D can do Along comes studies that say it could help prevent certain cancers  As well as sunshine, these foods also provide Vitamin D. A serving of salmon contains about 600 IUs of vitamin D, researchers say, and a cup of fortified...

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Osteoporosis needs serious attention

'Hit and miss' might best describe current NHS treatment for Osteoporosis In typical NHS fashion, its post-code lottery could decide what treatment you get - good, bad or indifferent. My Oncologist had arranged for me to have regular DEXA scans, and one day he...

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