My Lymphoedema journey

Nobody warned me about Lymphoedema  When my legs swelled to the size of a rugby player's, I became worried.  No-one  told me that my cancer op might bring this on, but vague comments made me realise I had Lymphoedema.  Later I found out that 40% of breast cancer...

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Lymphoedema has a powerful advocate

Oscar-winning actress fights for Lymphoedema When Americans think their healthcare needs a spokesperson, they field the big guns.  Albeit Oscar-winning Kathy Bates might seem an odd choice. But she uses every trick in the book to get her message over, and anyone...

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Lymphoedema list

Health Unlocked is an excellent website Forum for those of us with Lymphoedema or Osteoporosis Today, a subscriber asks where she and her husband should move to?  She wants to know which area has the best health service for those o us with Lymphoedema, and obviously...

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Hydrotherapy is the ‘forgotten’ exercise

Post Covid-19, hydrotherapy treatment could be the way back to fitness As long as cost-conscious NHS Trusts don't close hospital pools as an easy way to save money. Hydrotherapy at Casciana Terme, Italy Exercising in hydro pools is beneficial for cancer survivors,...

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Exercises for Lymphatic Drainage

Livestrong on exercise for Lymphoedema Livestrong is the mega American cancer charity, with a lot of really good information on its website, in a much more user-friendly format than we seem to produce! The charity is very keen on exercise post-cancer, and say the...

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Affordable MLD for Lymphoedema treatment

Paul's Support Centre in London offers inexpensive massageFor those who struggle with support garments In Battersea, Paul's Cancer Support Centre now has a Vodder-trained Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapist.  And only charge £45 for an hour's treatment (normally...

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