Tips And Tricks

Cooking when disabled

The Cheating Chef   When I was eight, I decided it was time I learnt to cook, I made meringues, and had an early lesson in how to disgust people with my cooking.  Thinking that bright green coloured meringues were fun to make, it was disappointing that none of...

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Take care - it's dangerously cold! And what is almost as bad, a lot of cold weather in Britain comes with DAMP. This is not helpful for those with joint pain, as well as low immunity and other cancer-related problems. So you are NOT being a wimp if you do as much as...

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Better than clapping for the NHS

Christmas presents for the NHS This summer, we stood on our doorsteps and clapped to thank frontline workers, particularly NHS staff.  However, clapping is all very well, but at Christmas it's time to give something more tangible - and it is nice if this has a touch...

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Having a Scan in comfort

Having a Scan More and more doctors are calling for scans to aid diagnosis.  These are super-efficient, but the machinery can look frightening, especially for an MRI Scan, where you slide head-first into a tunnel. The tunnel is in the middle of the machine with the...

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Facebook furore over boob job

Facebook reverses decision Facebook banned a post from an artist who recreates nipples on women whose breasts have been reconstructed after cancer. However, after a group of women led by British tattoo artist Vicky Martin flew  a giant balloon in protest at Martin's...

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Overcoming difficulties traveling on bus and tube

A cancer patient has designed a new "Baby on board"-style badge to help people like him get a seat on busy Tube services. - And also buses one supposes One evening I climbed on a bus at Aldgate. As I made my way to the Priority seats, I noticed it was full of men.  I...

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