Tips And Tricks

Facebook furore over boob job

Facebook reverses decision Facebook banned a post from an artist who recreates nipples on women whose breasts have been reconstructed after cancer. However, after a group of women led by British tattoo artist Vicky Martin flew  a giant balloon in protest at Martin's...

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Overcoming difficulties traveling on bus and tube

A cancer patient has designed a new "Baby on board"-style badge to help people like him get a seat on busy Tube services. - And also buses one supposes One evening I climbed on a bus at Aldgate. As I made my way to the Priority seats, I noticed it was full of men.  I...

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Mouth sores

Soothing Mouth Sores Dealing with those tiny sores that cause agony! There are prescription and over-the-counter mouth rinses that can be used to ease mouth pain during chemotherapy.  You may need to try several - what works for one might not work for you. I had...

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Clearing out for a purpose

Easter can be time for a good clear out But don't fill up the rubbish bin. Did you know unwanted smalls or make-up can be disributed to these charities - and help someone else? A recent post on Facebook mentioned these two charities: Give and Make-up wants the...

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Tips 3

My tips - which might or might not work for you Having had polio, I was used to thinking about possible reasons for pain attacks, and sorted out the following; often worked for me, but there is NO guarantee they will work for you, so make sure you discuss them with...

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Understanding your doctor’s letter

Moresections Health Doctors told 'ditch Latin and use plain English' Ever scratch your head trying to understand letters you receive from hospital? Yes? You will  be pleased to know that Doctors are being told  by The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges to adopt a new...

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