Does the NHS get its priorities right?

The NHS runs on forms  The NHS chucked out Heat and other dog-eared magazines lying around in Outpatients, and instead, we occupy our waiting time with a clipboard and form to fill in. Handed to you without a smile; the Receptionist knows what's on the form, and she's...

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Dido amongst the ruins

Are we now in safe hands? Test and Trace is the latest Government wheeze to reach the top of the pile of post-Covid problems.  The past few months has seen turmoil with official plans, but Bojo and Cummings latest wheeze takes the biscuit:  Baronness (Dido) Harding...

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More Jargon

Our funny old 'medical' language Next time they've run out of old magazines in Outpatients, pick up a newspaper and see how many of today's medical terms could have another meaning. For starters .......   ARTERY - - - - - - - - - The Study of Paintings CEASARIAN...

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NHS Bulletin

NHS and NHS Improvement Bulletin This plops into my inbox every month, with latest news about the NHS The headline in this month's issue proudly announces:- The NHS supports World Suicide Day   This sounds a rather drastic way of sorting out staff and bed...

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This explains all

Oxford Univerity Reseacher explains NHS  Remember Matron? She was the person who managed to run her hospital with an Assistant and a small number of key workers. Today, Oxford University researcher Karl Crawford has come up with an analysis of the current employment...

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Cancer “language” needs updating

Words can mean a lot.  But the language professionals use when talking to us needs an overhaul I am fed up with "just a scratch". No - I want to scream.  Uttering that platitude usually means a painful dig as a nurse remembers to say this, but hasn't been taught how...

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