Bullying is still around, in all kinds of ways.  I moved at end of January, and registered with new GP.  Told him my history (boring) and asked for referral to local cancer hospital for check-ups.

Ten weeks later, have had four letters and two telephone calls telling me I am on waiting lists – but NO consultant appointments, no check-ups – nothing. Today came yet another phone call to ask “do you still need…?”    Yes, believe it or not,  I still need appointments.  Suspect this is a subtle way to find if I have got fed up and gone private, but I refuse to admit that I am scared and have done this, although I still need NHS appointments for regular check-ups.  I suppose I might be on waiting list until Christmas, just in time for the next six-monthly check-ups.

I call my new GP yet again, and ask what has happened re referrals?  I can sense he is unhappy too, and ask if I can help move these along.  Yes, if I could get him a list of the different clinics I will need to attend, he will write a letter to each one – what a waste of his time.  He gives me the Churchill Hospital’s tel, no.  There’s no list on their website, so I phone them to ask   “Can you please give me a list of the clinics you run?”  Response was “I can’t give medical advice”, The more I tried to point out this was NOT medical, the more I was bullied.

Then I was told “contact your GP” – explained that it was GP who had asked for info – so she hung up.  Leaving me realising that the ceased line was just as much bullying as not listening to what I thought was a reasonable request.  Bullies!

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