Non-PC thoughts on NHS forms

By the time I stood outside the door, trying to work out if this was correct place for me, it was almost too late.  In these days of PC correctness, the simplest action can be fraught with danger.  I daren't even say "God Bless" to someone, in case I offend.  Today,...

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Letter to new Minister for Health

Minister, Welcome to your new post in charge of our Health - boy, if you are looking after mine I wouldn't wish that on anyone - so there's no need to hurry and change everything. In fact a bit of dignity and restraint mightn't be a bad thing. As a Minister in the...

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Yet more paperwork from the NHS

In case you were worried the NHS didn't understand patients' needs, Health Education England (HEE) has launched a comprehensive cancer workforce plan that sets out how it will ensure the NHS has enough staff with the right skills to deliver improvements for people...

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Who would YOU like to throw an Axe at?

Who could be first to get this? Have just come off the phone from Dept. Health's Press Office.  It's a dinosaur, just like the rest of the outfit. Thought I had better find out what pearls of wisdom Jeremy Hunt had spouted at the Britain Against Conference last week...

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You Need Your Wits About You To Be Sick Today

The NHS seems to run on forms We all get those ones handed to you without a smile.  The Receptionist knows what's in it, and she's not giving anything away. No wonder doctors are always running late.  It's a ploy to make sure, when given a form, we have enough time to...

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How to deal with Drunks in A & E

Winter is party time - which brings problems for A & E As if A & E departments didn't have enough problems, they often have to mop up and treat drunks, who cause disruption all around. Now comes news that the NHS has earmarked £300,000 to fund so-called “drunk...

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