Pandemics happened before

1Up until the 1950s – 70s, the world reeled under semi-annual outbreaks of polio.  To many OAPs, today’s Covid-19 pandemic brings back that time; many who succumb to this virus will go through what heppened then.

Medicine has moved on since those times, so hopefully patients who contact Covid-19 will have access to improved care.  However, what I learnt as a polio survivor stood me in good stead when faced with cancer.

In the 1950s there were no miracle drugs, only an Iron Lung and Codeine, which was heavily rationed.  Later, when cancer became a menace, drugs companies got involved, and patients had a big choice.  However, in their eagerness to make use of new drugs, many doctors had no idea of their side effects.

It seems that long-term effects of the drugs used in treatment of today’s pandemic may have some of the same awful side effects as cancer drugs. I jusr hope today’s doctors will listen to their patients when they complain about side effects.  Many of mine had cloth ears, so I went around European hospitals learning how they handled and treated these. Hopefully what I write about on might be useful for those recovering from Covid-19.

What’s on my website

So many reported side effects replicate what we experienced, post polio and/or cancer.  This website is NOT about treatment for Covid-19;  but highlights some drug have side effects, which doctors may not have time or knowledge to deal with.  Hopefully you may find some answers to dealing with anything from irritating skin problems, ‘straw’ hair’, etc.

Covid-19 patients are finding that the drugs used to treat them are producing heart problems;  also an unexpected side effect from cancer drugs.  Eventually the noted Royal Brompton heart hospital got involved, so much so that they had speciaist doctors who studied and produced guidance for cancer patients on drug side effects, as I was lucky enough to experience.

The Rt Hon Boris Johnson MPAnother side effect was dry hair and an itchy scalp – we called it ‘straw hair’.  I  reckon Boris has got this – have a look at his locks (left);  pre-Covid-19 they have a shine.

Today he glories in his trade-mark fly-away hair, but the ‘look’ is friable and straw-like: no shine.  He needs to talk to an expert at Guys Hospital;  there is a dermatologist there who knows all about ‘straw hair’, and gave me good advice which I mention on the site. .


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