Protesting people crowd. Different people holding vote posters The Election is nigh!

Numerous Tory grandees live in our valley, so when a leaflet pops through my letterbox
from my local Conservative candidate, I reckon the Election is near.
So I’m grabbing the opportunity to do something to help myself and  lobby this prospective election candidates about what I want
Even if you don’t get a reply, each morning someone in the Canditates’ office will have the task of monitoring which are ‘hot topics’ in voters’ minds If you and your friends have mentioned a local issue, it will be in the candidates’ mind.

Lobby for better NHS care

and have some fun! I will continue lobbying until Election Day to demand better NH’S Service  until we get it.
This is a one-off opportunity to get politicians to listen to us and do what WE want, so it’s up to us to make use of it. I get a “once in five years” feeling of power, as candidates will be chasing chase my vote.
No one will be assured of victory,  they must know most of the electorate are sickened with all that is coming out;  from the Post Office scandal to all the other misdemeanors coming to light.
The one thing I won’t do is give up my vote – suffragettes made sure I’ll never forget how they fought for our right. 

YOU can do the same.

When leaflets start popping through your letterbox – email the candidates.  Make ‘People Power’ count.
Short of ideas?  This sample might help: –
My first salvo – e-mailing my local candidate to say –
“I’ve just received your leaflet, and I am interested.   I shall be voting for the candidate who shows their concern for  ….. then list what matters to me
  • NHS
  • Or Post Office scandal
  • Or energy companies’ problems
  • Or cost of living
  • or whatever concerns YOU

I chose  NHS, followed by Energy costs.  I thought I had better vary my demands according to the candidate, and remember – KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid);                                      after all, one can’t expect too much, and candidates do best if you stick to one simmple-to-understand subject..

Highinghting NHS Problems
If inspiration fails, what about the following?
Make NHS Administration more accessible, so we can ask questions about NHS problems, and receive a direct ((and honest) answer,
or – bang on about Waiting Lists
Personally, I will be focussing on The Spine,  the NHS’s data collection programme, containing as many errors as a Fujitsu programme, built to store all our personal data.
Last time my information was corrupted on The Spine it took the CEO  of Imperial NHS Trust’s office 6 months before my problems with The Spine were sorted., and letters saying “as you didn’t attend your appointment, you are now off our list”, stopped. .
There is a ridiculous situation that Patients aren’t allowed to contact The Spine directly to point out incorrect information about themselves, but are supposed to ask their overworked GP to do this.
problems cause by The Spine included
  • Choose and Book –   system told me I didn’t exist, making it impossible to book pain-killing injections for Arthritis – from January  to December 2023; I caved in and paid to be treated privately;
  • informed another hospital system that I  didn’t exist, so I couldn’t book a review,
  •  canceled booked hospital transport,
  • told the John Radcliffe  Hospital in Oxford that I wasn’t funded, so at 85 years old I spent 5 weeks blind in hospital (due to a faulty hospital procedure)  and wasted away in bed with no physio, etc.. Mind you, I made such a fuss that the CEO was forced to send one of her minions to see me – but still nothing happened
  • Consequently I had to sell my house when I was discharged, because I couldn’t cope with stairs, etc., it cost me a fortune to move and adapt another home.
  • On discharge I couldn’t  get appropriate physiotherapy because The Spine said I didn’t exist
  • Oh – and I haven’t had any apology from the JR hospital !!!
  • According to The Spine, my “current address” was one I sold twelve years before

If you want other ideas, what about

2.  Fuel poverty.
The cost of heating is a massive worry for so many.  Energy companies can use a combination of estimates and actual meter readings to send bills.  The way this is handled is very much in the energy company’s favour
They should be made to use actual meter readings and not an estimate.   Fiona Butler in my MP’s John’s office is i/c his communication over this with the appropriate Minister.
There is a need to keep on at Ministers to make it obligatory for ALL companies to stop using estimates in place of solid evidence as to how much has been used.
What’s happening to improve The Spine?

Why am I not reassured when an announcement comes from the NHS

saying The NHS Federated Data Platform (FDP) is software that will sit across NHS trusts and integrated care systems enabling NHS organisations to bring together operational data – currently stored in separate systems – to support staff to access the information they need in one safe and secure environment  .21 Mar 2024
 Even if you don’t get a reply, each morning some volunteer minion in the Canditates’ office will have the task of monitoring which are ‘hot topics’ in voters’ minds, and if you and your friends have mentioned a local issue, it will be in the candidates’ mind.