Ministry of Silly Walks

Is it just me who is confused about lockdown?  Or has Dominic Cummings introduced a new Department. named after the John Cleese sketch?

Downing Street doesn’t seem to realise what’s happening in the real world.  John Lewis, city finance houses, etc. are looking to turn their stores and mega-HQ buildings into housing, yet Boris has announced he is going to “Build  Build  Build” more housing. Obviously this will  appease the construction industry who recently donated £11m to party coffers.

During lockdown Green Belt land proved vital for our health and well-being, but now schemes to build massive ‘Executive Home’ villages on the Green Belt are back on-stream.  But before Councils get open-access to build over it all, perhaps it’s time to sign a protest at this wanton theft of land we thought was free for all

More to come

It has to be someone from Silly Walks dept. who had the idea for a jolly party at our local eaterie, with Dishy Rishi kindly picking up 50% of the tab. This comes at the same time Bojo wants us to lose weight.

Restaurants have latched on to this scheme, and my local eaterie has a large sign offering ‘50% off’ , over a picture of a massive Pizza. Other delights on offer are Cheeseburgers, beefburgers – and of course Chips with everything.  In fact I bet your local calorific eaterie, be it McDonalds or whatever, is taking part.  After all, Pizzas and Burgers are popular food.

But, if Bojo wants us to lose weight, why promote calorie-laden dishes?  Wouldn’t it make more sense if Dishy Rishi paid 50% of the cost of any healthy meal options instead?

And more

Another ‘inniative’ from Silly Walks (this time the Energy Saving Trust) is £50 Fix Your Bike Vouchers, designed to get us on our bikes and exercising.  The voucher scheme has been so popular that all vouchers in the first batch have now been allocated.

Who managed to secure these vouchers?  It seems the scheme is popular with keen cyclists, who already cycle every day. Talking to a club, they had Tweeted friends to alert when the website was working, (apparently 4 – 6 am) so managed to collar all the vouchers.  Leaving those who would like to get their bike out of the shed, and working, in the cold.

But then Matt Hancock, our revered Minister in charrge of Health, thinks everyone can afford the latest Smartphone and knows how to use modern technology, so wants to turn the NHS into a selling platform for Apple, Samsung etc.  Perhaps he should look at demographics, and realise the old and vulnerable are unlikely to own or be able to use the technology that will enable them to reserve vouchers, or even ‘see’ a GP.

So Boris – get stuck in behind your desk and leave the silly walks to John Cleese.  We need Governing, not photo-opportunities or ‘innititives’.


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