Taking advantage of Aromatherapy if you’ve lost your sense of smell

When Jennifer Young, the cancer skincare specialist, sent details of the new Chakra Collection, I didn’t think it was for me.  Since cancer treatment, I’ve lost much of my sense of smell, like long-covid sufferers, and the Chakra Collection was using aromatherapy to provide benefits. Then, I realised I could still take advantage of this collection.  Although my sense of smell has diminished after cancer treatment, the benefits of using the products will still be there for me.

What would work

Products containing Lavender would probably be the best to choose. During World War I Lavender was used as an antiseptic in field hospitals, so during the Covid crisis, this had to be a useful plus. So I ordered

  • Shea Moisturising Mousse
  • Calming Bath Oil
  • Calming Body Oil
  • Throat oil

all part of their Chakra Collection.  When they arrived, I dived into the Shea Moisturising Mousse. Ever since drugs produced skin lesions all over my body, my skin has been compromised – to say the least.  As I smoothed in the Mousse, I could literally see my skin soaking it up.  It felt fantastic, and I don’t need to worry about the lack of smell (although I am delighted there is a faint one), as I can see it is benefitting my skin.

I had to go for a hospital appointment this week;  as the nurse was rubbing antiseptic on my arm ready to do her vampire act, she looked at my arm and said “you do have lovely skin”.  So that was a nice seal of approval!  I now use the mousse all over each and it makes me feel very happy, which is surely what it’s all about!

Next, the Calming Bath Oil;  this went into a relaxing bath after a fraught day.  Formulated to promote relaxation, apparently, the blend of essential oils was chosen for its harmonious properties,  As I lay back in the bath, it was gently cleaning my sensitive skin, and calming an itchy patch that was attempting to erupt (as happens every so often).  I now use this Oil at night when I want to soak away the cares of the day.

Just one thing – make sure you hold onto grab handles when getting in and out of the bath, as the oil can make it  slippery.

I now have the luxury of two choices to moisturise and protect my body skin:  the Moisturing Mousse and a Calming Body Oil.  Again, part of the Chakra Collection, this is a lovely oil, and when I use it I could visibly see it doing my skin good.  I am excited that I can even smell a faint fragrance – perhaps the drugs are wearing off.

Jennifer (right) is a very good advertisement for her products, and I commented that when I use her products a thin oily film settles on my skin, which is soon absorbed.  It gives me reassurance that something is digging down and trying to help me and my skin. I do like the feeling!  When I try out a product I am not really interested in scientific claims, I tend to watch what happens to my skin, as it has reacted strongly in the past to poor products that rely on packaging rather than good ingredients. But if my skin likes something, then it must be pretty special! And it does like Jennifer’s products!

My throat certainly liked her Throat oil.  I am always preaching how important it is if one wants to look young, to look after throat and hands, citing Immigration officials who check our hands and necks for true signs of age. And of course, I tend to ignore my own advice!  But now I have the Throat Oil, using it has become an important part of my nightly regime, with my neck already showing signs of improvement.  Thinking ahead, this is going to be really useful in the summer, as the sun can catch under the chin and wreak havoc if we don’t take care.

Even though I might not have been able to obtain all the benefits of the Chakra Collection, I was able to take full advantage of lovely ingredients, and using these left me feeling relaxed and definitely more confident as my skin was showing the benefits;  I was certainly embracing my positivity!

Just because we have long-term side effects, is no reason to give up on lovely products!  And incidentally, if anyone suffers from Long-Covid, I would imagine the benefits would be the same.