Arrogant NHS medic really got up my nose. Friends saying their Cancer Nurse Specialist (CNS) is wonderful make me think there is something wrong with me – or do others have same problem when trying to get information and help? Yesterday was rung by a CNS;

I had tried to get an appointment to see someone about the long term side effects of the cancer drugs giving me Neuropathy. She said it was a long time since I had finished with the drugs. Pointed out that Macmillan report “Cured – but at what cost” had highlighted that these effects could present themselves years later. No answer, but she had been on panel that developed report. Left me smarting at being treated like a child.

Pointing out that MD Anderson – acknowledged by most professionals as world’s best cancer hospital – had reams on these effects on their website, ditto ASCO, she dismissed my attempts at ‘googling information’ as of no importance. Finished with her saying “I will let you know if you can see the Oncologist”. What is wrong with NHS that these staff are allowed to dictate our care, and pay no attention when rest of world has research to prove these side effects happen? Why does NHS sweep this info under the carpet, allowing UK to lie at bottom of European cancer survivor’s table? . Went behind her back and got an appointment without her.