I believe it was Einstein who said ‘I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.
What’ s wrong with the NHS today?  The old ‘curious’ doctor or nurse seems to have disappeared.  Today, there is a set procedure for treating you  – and forget it if you need personalised care. As far as I am concerned, it is the blind indifference shown by staff when you ask a question when you feel something isn’t quite right, or working properly, that scares me.  The advances medicine made in the past century seems to have stalled; if it’s not Elf n Satefy stoppig anything innovative, it’s blind indifference towards patients.
This week I receive a letter from my GP, saying I should have an anti-pneumonia jab.  He’s given up making any money out of flu jabs, since I showed him research from U.S. saying these can conflict with long-term side effects of drugs I was on.  But he’s found another way to get his bonus for jabbing me – anti-pneumonia.  So I phone surgery to ask if I can talk to an expert about the jab, and should I have it?
“Make an appointment and the nurse can answer your quesstion”.   Thanks but no thanks.
Where is the pioneering spirit?   Today, would Flemming be allowed to let his cultures hang around in petri dishes?  No-one seems to have the nouse to think that perhaps patients have a point when they query side effects.  Or do we all live in a ‘one size fits all’ society, because that makes for an easier life?
As patients, we have to put up with a lot of bullying if we dare question our treatment, and that doesn’t bode well for my desire to live longer. Someone send me over a suit of NHS-proof armour!
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