As if we didn’t have enough to put up with, NCRI (Nat. Cancer Research Institute) are still calling us ‘consumers’.  This gets my blood boiling.  Yes, I have cancer, but at NO time did I ever pick it or choose to get it. As far as I am concerned a ‘consumer’ is someone who chooses something, like a customer going in to a store to buy items of their choice e.g.. purchaser, buyer, customer, shopper.

Google says a consumer is “a person who purchases goods and services for personal use.  Or a person or thing that eats or uses something”.

So NCRI, please take note, at NO time did I choose to buy cancer.  It was NOT my choice to get it, so please stop insulting me.  Go back to calling us Patients and Carers.  Yes, it’s two more words, but live with it.  We have to live with cancer – but it’s NOT our choice.

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