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Faffing around the cancer scene

Do we want more 'world class' care? Civil Servants stomping around the Dept. Bad Health have announced that Prof. Sir Mike Richards is setting up yet another new initiative to provide Britain with 'world class' cancer care.  Boring!  Boring!   In 1999 Sir Mike was...

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Cancer Survivors agree what Research they want

Something beng done to help Survivors Surprising result for UK Top 10 research priorities Helping people live better with and beyond cancer Cancer survivors want more spent on researching handling long -term side effects When a call...

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Breast Screening for older women

When should you stop having a Mammogram? Many people like Prof. Michael Baum question the value of having a Mammogram.  Europa Donna once held a fascinating debate on the subject, when I did wonder if this eminent breast cancer surgeon might stand up and floor his...

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Open letter to Sean Duffy

Prof. Sean Duffy, you seem a nice enough bloke,  As you are the holder of the grand title of National Clinical Director for Cancer, I am writing to you at to ask you to help us struggling to make a life for ourselves after cancer. Because it seems...

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Long Term side effects of cancer treatment

Warning ! This is ONLY to be read if you have finished hospital treatment, yet are experiencing unusual health problems.  Doctors often don't tell us, but 1 in 5 of us will experience some or several long term 'nasties'  from the drugs we have been taking. I...

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Running your own Wellness Day

I've just said I will run a Wellness Day!   Cancer Survivors often feel abandoned - but we can do something! We all know the NHS is struggling.  Staff are overworked, there isn't enough money to go round and as a nation we don't contribute as much of our income...

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Proton Beam Therapy

2018 WAS THE YEAR OF PROTON BEAM THERAPY IN UK    It's taken 10 years for Proton Beam Therapy to arrive in the UK, but Proton Partners International reports that 25 patients have been or are in the process of being treated with high energy proton beam therapy...

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Being Curious

I believe it was Einstein who said 'I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.' What' s wrong with the NHS today?  The old 'curious' doctor or nurse seems to have disappeared.  Today, there is a set procedure for treating you  - and forget it if you...

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Often it isn't cancer survivors have to fight, it's NHS waiting lists   The Chancellor says the NHS will receive £20bn extra over 5 years.  Before we celebrate, let's see if waiting lists, one of our biggest problems, are going to get any shorter.  Survivors...

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