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Skincare in the Sun

Hurrah - just in time for summer, you can now get Anthelios anti-sun products at a 20% discount. [amazon_link asins='B00ILWDKUQ,B007ILIHBI,B00C4KG6XY,B000XMIHGO,B003D3OWAA' template='ProductCarousel' store='aftercancers-21' marketplace='UK'...

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How to find better treatment on NHS

NHS says you have right to choose where you want to be treated In practice, this generally means you go where you GP's surgery has a contract   This cartoon from Matt of the Telegraph might give you pause for thought - if we all exchanged information when we get a...

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Helen Mirren slams moisturisers

Helen Mirren says L'Oreal moisturiser 'probably does f--- all' Speaking at a L'Oreal event in Cannes, Mirren admitted "As a 30-year-old, I used to look at that and think, what the f--- are you talking about? It was ridiculous. P----- me off majorly. Advertisers are...

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The NHS Doesn’t Understand Good Housekeeping

The NHS doesn’t understand good housekeeping; it wastes our money in so many ways, one wonders what the next daffy ‘initiative’ will cost. Our local Kensington and Chelsea Healthwatch has decided that cancer care and prevention is no longer a...

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It’s not my problem

In his inimitable style, Roy Lilley comes up with terminology to describe the extraordinary statement from Jeremy Hunt (our [in]famous Minister of Health) - Roy calls it 'duck-shove': Reading Lilley's comments on the report, highlights the absurdity of pronouncements...

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My Favourite Acronym Is KISS

My favourite acronym is KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid). So often during medical treatment I think of this, whilst doctors pull long faces discussing treatment option when you know Granny’s remedy is best. Now, the Grenfell Tower enquiry looks...

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