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Downward spiral in cancer care

NHS England aiming for diagnosis within 28 days BIG DEAL.  Whatever happened to the 14 days benchmark? So you wait 14 days - finally have tests - does it really take another 14 days to check results for 'ordinary' cancers?  I am not talking about the rarer cancers;...

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Interesting Conversation With Dutch Friend

Had such an interesting conversation with a new go-ahead Dutch friend, who is setting up interesting workshops (more when dates are announced). She made me green with envy, describing how in Holland she had to wait 24 hours when she thought she had cancer;...

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Transforming Cancer Services

Cancer Quangos are expanding - what do they offer survivors?  After jaw-jaw that started in 2007, these are the NHS Quangos just in London that supposedly oversee cancer care. There may be some I have overlooked, and many others in different parts of UK: Transforming...

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Where are ‘Elf ‘n Safety’ when you need them?

Especially when Gran "doesn't want to make a fuss" in A & E It's left to you to create merry Hxll on the old dear's behalf tell A & E staff who won't listen when the old dear says she is quite happy to wait but her osteo-thingie would be more comfortable if...

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Were you warned about this? No, neither was I.  But we shouldn't ignore the condition, instead we have to badger and badger for the right treatment - something that we were entitled to, until the NHS started to "put patients first", which meant if you didn't fit the...

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Free skincare on NHS

Get helpful skincare on NHS for free  Dry skin is cancer patients bugbear - or this ..... Three days after starting on Tamoxifen, my body looked like this in some places, in others it had scaly patches you could peel off - quite interesting.  My face - wasn't pretty....

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NHS Admin Is Overworked

Anyone who says NHS Admin is overworked, obviously hasn’t tried to contact our local Healthwatch, nor the Cyncal Commissioning Group. Started at 10 this morning, only to find EVERYONE’s telephone had the Answerphone on. Assume they are all out doing...

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Understanding NHS Jargon

The NHS speaks a language of its own    Whenever I phone to make an appointment at London hospitals, I am asked "do you want an Interpreter?"  I am ofen tempted to say yes, as the NHS seems to speak a language of its own.  Doctors and Nurses have their own...

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Stands for Living your Life after Cancer – Isabel emails to say now run regular Workshops in South of England. and could be coming to London in 2016. Hurrah! Watch this space!

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