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Been Working As A Patient Rep

Been working as a Patient Rep for over year, trying to curb the mis-placed ideas of management consultants;  where does the NHS find these companies that are totally divorced from reality? Latest idea is WHOLE SYSTEMS – new way of caring for OAPs.  We had...

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Europa Donna – organisation for Patients with Brains

One good thing to come out of EU is Europa Donna - and we can still be members after Brexit Europa Donna is a pan-European member organisation, with some very senior members of European Breast Cancer medical communities in membership, They often invite members to...

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Your face needs a Facial in this heat!

A GOOD Facial works wonders - especially now Suddenly, sunshine shows up stressed skin, especially if you don't wear make-up.  Skin dries out, and the mirror makes you look older. So a facial is 100% essential!  If only to keep skin hydrated in summer's warmth.  It's...

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Survivors learn to self-refer

Side effects from cancer drugs often show after  treatment Unless you are very lucky, your GP is someone who is faced with Government paperwork, staff problems, not enough time and only basic knowledge on cancer - NOT good...

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Translating doctor-speak

Fun way to decide what Doctors mean For those of us who are lucky to be healthy, but twidling our thumbs with boredom, I dug out the following piece sent me by a Yorkshire reader.  It gives one a wry smile to counter the awful news today. Very much tongue-in-cheek...

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KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid

What part of K.I.S.S can't the NHS understand?      NHS uses sledgehammers to crack nuts Coming up with new 'initiatives' at regular intervals.  Wasting staff time, worrying patients and costing money to plan and set up.  Currently the NHS is in a flap about latest:...

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Little Tips

Wacky ideas that might help Although I try to only include information that comes from reputable sources (hospitals, official European cancer centres, recognised research centres, etc.), ocassionally I get sent hints and tips that apparently have worked for their...

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