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Good things around Coronavirus scare

What's to like This latest health scare might just make us a cleaner and healthier nation.  Anyone who has shuddered as others come out of the loo not bothering to wash their hands, will understand what I mean.  All of a sudden people now understand cleanliness is...

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This is the way the NHS should behave

Congratulations to Royal Berkshire Hospital It may have been founded in 1836, but this hospital is thoroughly modern when it comes to understanding what patients need. When the first sad Coronavirus fatality happed here, their Press Office, unlike many NHS press...

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Fun ways to live longer

Fun Ideas to lighten the current Doom and Gloom The American website Verywell has health and wellness information provided by  a team of 120 health experts, and reviewed by board-certified physicians.  It claims to reach 17 million US unique users each month....

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COBRA and Coronavirus

This graphic from the Daily Express gives the information clearly - and for those of us who are appalled at the dithering 'headless chicken' attitude of Government, provides clear information. Obviously, those undergoing cancer treatment should be aware of this...

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More Jargon

Our funny old 'medical' language Next time they've run out of old magazines in Outpatients, pick up a newspaper and see how many of today's medical terms could have another meaning. For starters .......   ARTERY - - - - - - - - - The Study of Paintings CEASARIAN...

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Is this the future for cancer charities?

Cancer Charities face problems Cancer is big business, on both sides of the Atlantic. But, with some major cancer charities reporting a fall in income, signs are the once-generous public are not so inclined to donate today. Now, they want to know where their money is...

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What’s it all about

Hurrah for people like Roy Lillie Thanks to a streaming cold, he's had to rest up - which has given him time to read the latest turgid announcement from the NHS Dept. of silly time-wasting ideas in Whitehall. In the year when we celebrate the 200th Anniversary of...

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The Lady with the Lamp

 Florence Nightingale - 200 years Exhibition on the woman behind the myth To many, when we think of Florence Nightingale we think of the woman who walked the wards of the Crimean military hospital, holding up a lamp to light her way as she tended sick and wounded...

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When will the NHS think about patients?

The Paterson case rears its very ugly head again, and again the NHS's neglect of patient care is highlighted in the most horrific circumstances. Surgeon Ian Paterson's treatment of patients with breast cancer was so bad that he has been given a 20-year prison...

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