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We’ve got Christmas back!

Is it just me, or are the Christmas Ads, jingles and jollification toned down this year?  There seem fewer 'Christmassy' themes around; I put this down to the Election. causing people to think about the consumerism that assaults us in the run-up to December 25th. And...

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Update on NHS hospital scandals

Latest news shows NHS has little desire to learn Googling around info on the latest problem to hit the NHS, I go to the Daily Mail website, to read that the families of patients involved in these scandals must be in despair.  The site says the final report on...

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NHS say lessons have been learnt – really?

Here we go again - yet another NHS hospital trust is facing claims of clinical malpractice and a flood of lawsuits. I wish they would bring back Matron, instead of lumbering hospitals with overpaid and seemingly useless Chief Executives.  There are some who really...

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Facebook furore over boob job

Facebook reverses decision Facebook banned a post from an artist who recreates nipples on women whose breasts have been reconstructed after cancer. However, after a group of women led by British tattoo artist Vicky Martin flew  a giant balloon in protest at Martin's...

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Am I being selfish?

Patients have the drive and motivitation to search for the best care, so when we take time to do our research and work out what is causing frightening side effects, why don't doctors listen to us? Admit that we know and understand what is causing problems. Cancer...

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Yet more benefits to exercise – and it’s cheap!

Exercise is cheap - and effective The NHS says exercise helps boost recovery, and unlike many schemes, it needn't cost anything. Yet another 'initiative' is appearing at a local surgery near you:  Social Prescribing (SP). Basically this is an attempt to get patients...

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Coping with skin problems after cancer

Almost every cancer survivor has skin problems And Winter winds can make them worse. When you have cancer, skin problems seem to multiply.  Drugs we are on do no favours to our skin support system; scientists cheerfully tell us to expect the toxins in the treatments...

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The gloves are off – with a battle over the NHS

Basher Boris v. Crafty Corbyn start Electioneering slugging it out over NHS 'facts' All politicians will claim that the NHS, first discussed during the 1930s, worked on during the War, and eventually launched in 1948, is 'dear to their hearts'. Translation - we know...

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Letter to a friend going through cancer treatment

Dear cancer survivor, I am NOT going to lecture or say you MUST do/eat/read/this -  enough 'friends' will bore you with pet theories.  You will get used to them; smile sweetly and say nothing! The best advice I had was from a friend who chaired a major cancer...

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