I am a simple soul.  I expect my elected MP to vote to represent their constitutents’ views.  Nuff said about this week’s performance in Parliament;  instead have decided to make ‘use’ of him, and visibly CC an email I send to South Oxfordshire Ambulance Service.  Hoping CC-ing my MP might get a quick and sensible response.  It did.  Usual time-wasting practice is to send an acknowledgement.  A week later “your query” has been passed to someone else.  If they haven’t been told to ‘lose’ it, two months later I receive 3 pages of platitudes which tell me nothing.

I don’t like parading disabilities, but I more than qualify for hospital transport, and without it, this area is a transport desert.  I think a bus was last seen in the village over five years ago.   However, waits of up to 5 hours for transport have become the norm.  Yesterday I didn’t even make my appointment at the John Radcliffe.  When I phone to find out whar’s happend, without an apology I am told “you have been unbooked”.  And no-one has come back with a reason why.  I was depending on that Scan.

So I never even get in to the hospital.

Look on the bright side:  at least I won’t have hours to wait for a return journey.  Enough time to discover the vending machines in Outpatients don’t seem to be making much money for Carillion. Judging by the quality of their products (sawdust seems a major ingredient) it’s not surprising they are in financial trouble.

CC-ing my MP seems to have done a lot.  All of a sudden I get an immediate response. The Ambulance service has given me “a personal assurance that I will be monitoring your next bookings ” and a mobile number to call.  I have two appointments next week.  Wish me luck. We shall see!