Bullying is rife – now it’s the Cabinet Office making hospital administrators cancel an important meeting to try and sort out the mess that faces patients needing hospital transport. Yesterday I was phoned to say a meeting planned for this week had been put off until after the election, on the orders of Whitehall; citing election ‘purdah’ rules.

This seemed strange – what would interest Cabinet Mandarins in such a low-key meeting? Could it be that I had been in correspondence with my MP, Greg Hands (ex-colleague of George Osbourne’s) to say that I was concerned that Uber were bidding for a transport contract; comment in the media had not been favourable, and having served on a GLC transport committee. I could see there was concern. Even though Hands sent me a glowing letter saying how wonderful Uber were, I thanked him but said I still intended to raise this.

Then came the cancellation: one can’t help wondering……… incidentally, since mentioning them my in-box has daily messages asking me if I want to become an Uber driver. Well, I only have one eye, am 78 years old and can’t drive – so perhaps I am a likely candidate!