This graphic from the Daily Express gives the information clearly – and for those of us who are appalled at the dithering ‘headless chicken’ attitude of Government, provides clear information.

Obviously, those undergoing cancer treatment should be aware of this information, and take sensible precautions to guard against unnecessary risks.  In fact, current advice about avoiding coronavirus holds good for advice on staying healthy fo anyone whose immune system is compromised during and after cancer treatment.

Whilst Boris Johnson seems holed up in a love-nest with Dylan and his fiancee, and COBRA – the committee set up to oversee nationwide crises – has a poor record for inaction –  if we’ve got any sense it’s up to us to take sensible precautions.

Rather than rely on the headless chickens running around Downing Street probably organising baby showers, the World Health Organisation has issued this advice:-

The only thing I would add is that analysing all the advice we get re hygiene, surgeons scrub their hands with soap and water, rather than use an antiseptic gel.

Previously COBRA

Remember Foot and Mouth?  A friend was the top scientific advisor to the Government during that time;  every mornng he’d trot off to Downing Street COBRA meetings, chaired by the current Prime Minister, Tony Blair.  My friend would put forward scientific advice.  The Prime Minister would dither, then announce that they would hold any action until they all met again next morning.

Eventually COBRA were forced to call in the Army, under the command of  a no-nonsense, just-about-to-be-retired Brigadier Alex Birtwistle, and the outbreak was bought under control.  Instead of camping in tents, the Brigadier put his troops up in local B & Bs, so filling empty beds, providing much-needed income for the devastated local tourist industry and got the locals on his side.  He understood the value of PR, and when later on he had to introduce draconian measures to contain the outbreak, everyone was prepared to listen to him, without shouting him down.

He was brave enough to tell Farmers the tough measures that had to be taken, and eventually brought everything under control. It was reported that when a Devon farmer complained to the famously-discreet Queen  that Tony Blair and his government didn’t seem to understand the countryside, she apparently broke with protocol to say  “I know,…. I tell him that every week when I see him.”

One hopes that Her Majesty doesn’t mince her words when she meets Boris.


When I was undergoing the most intensive part of treatment, of course I was open to every type of virus going.  My no-nonsense private doctor sat me down and gave me the following advice, which would seem appropriate for the current crisis:

  1. Wash your hands FREQUENTLY for 20-30 seconds (rubbing between fingers, on backs of hands, thumbs, wrists etc) with soap and warm/hot water
  2. Beware handles, touch-screens, table tops etc. that anyone else has touched (particularly hospital check-in screens)
  3. Try to avoid public transport e.g. trains, bus, underground, planes  – if you can’t get there by walking/cycling/lift from a friend/your car/taxi  CANCEL the trip
  4. Avoid gatherings – if you have planned a trip to a restaurant, most will send food round as take-away, or collect it
  5. Think about work – with today’s IT a lot can be done at home
  6. Avoid shopping – shop online or save your money
  7. Be wary around children

And let’s hope the Government issues sensible advice to contain this virus a.s.a..p





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