Fell down (as one does) ar home, and was eventually carted off to the local hospital – John Radcliffe in Oxford.   Had a comfortable wait on a trolley – I’d grabbed a good book to read – before I was wheeled off to X-ray.  On the way back, my trolley was parked in an orderly queue in a corridor, which seemed to be well-used for this.  A doctor came, told me I haven’t broken anything, and can go home.  So I wait for hospital transport.  Two hours later another doctor comes to say “we’ve had another look at your X-ray and you have fractured T4 or T5 in your spine, but we don’t know which”.

Cue for a long wait.  I am on my trolley in the corridor for several hours.  Luckily book still keeping me entertained.  But whilst waiting I watch the department. I notice every bay in A & E has its curtains drawn, and they stay that way.  No-one goes in or out.

It then occurs to me that there are no cleaners working here.  The penny drops.  It’s quicker and easier to wipe down one trolley in a corridor than a complete A & E bay.  Obviously this is a way to counter staff shortages.

So next time we are told “keep away from A & E this winter, I’ll take this with a large pinch of salt.

P.S  Am called back for an MRI and review of my scan.  Apparently I have broken a few more bones.  Wouldn’t it save money  to get a competent assessment the first time?