Freedom Day hasn’t changed much for those of us with cancer problems, and somehow things aren’t clear – friends are still reluctant to join crowds and so am I.

We aren’t clear about when and why we should or shouldn’t wear masks;  if we should or shouldn’t meet up with friends, etc. etc. Guidance would be welcome from all the Scientific Advisors on how Covid is spread  What type of masks are best?  Can we use visors (useful for those who lip-read etc), or are cloth masks better?

Sadly, it seems NHS Appointments bureaux are back to chaos. During lockdown it was wonderful dealing with Consultants and Clinics directly.  Now we are back to the Call Centres, who phoned twice with a date and time for a telephone appointment.  It never ‘arrived’, but on checking, I was told that I didn’t need to see a Consultant (though another Consultant had referred me), but they had sent me a letter. explaining why (which has yet to arrive), In the meantime no-one had bothered to tell me the phone appointment was canceled.  Arrogant, I thought.

So I raided my pension pot and saw a consultant privately. about the problem Seems I have several problems – which my private consultant’s report has chivied them up to organise – !luckily I am getting these sorted on the NHS!

This morning I phone for a Podiatry appointment;  am told I have one booked for August 26th.  Luckily I check my diary, only to find that yes – I do have an appointment booked – but it is actually for Rheumatology.  I explain, she tells me “you are not on the system” for Podiatry.  I explain that I had had an appointment a couple of months before for this, but computer says NO – so it’s back to GP to sort this out.  What a waste of everyone’s time,

Even Boris was confused (as ever). First he announced he wasn’t going to self-isolate, but Downing Street must have put their foot down, and confined him to his office (where he should be anyway), instead of jumping around Britain like a Jack-in-the-Box.  Every time he escapes on one of his Days-Out-for-Photo-opportunities, it costs tens of thousands to provide the entourage he demands.  At least whilst he is isolating he can get on with doing some of the work taxpayers pay him to do.

Meantime, could someone please teach Professor Chris Whitty, (UK government’s Chief Medical Adviser) how to use Remote Control when doing a slide presentation?   I wince every time he says “next slide please”.  Surely someone in Downing Street could teach him which button to press?

Whitty provides amusement to IT companies – but the joke has gone on long enough.  Even I can manage to operate the remote control for a slide presentation.

Meanwhile, looks like the NHS has embraced telephone consultation as a way of keeping patients out of their hair;  I have another one booked which should be interesting aa it is to replace the hand treatment I was due to have 15 months ago.  Now the physio dept. seems to think it can all be sorted over the phone –  interesting!.

As yet another Secretary of State for Health disappears out the revolving door, in comes Sajid Javid.  When he was Home Secretary, he had a fall-out with BoJo. In desperation, Bojo has kissed-and-make-up and Javid is back in the limelight again. Just like children playing musical chairs at a parfty.

But I wish the Cabinet Secretary would confiscate their gizmos.  Already Sajid has blotted his copy-book with a tweet that angered the Internet crowd. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Ministers just got on with doing their job, and left Twitter, etc. to the kids.