Hair is so important

It’s our Crowning Glory, but when cancer comes, hair problems can be devasating.  It doesn’t matter which type of cancer we have, or what we are treated with, today’s cancer drugs are no friends to hair.

Trying to restore shine to my once glossy hair, I was left feeling I shouldn’t be so vain when I asked Oncologists for help. I tested product after product, and eventually realised that I would have to invest in some seriously-expensive shampoo if my hair was going to recover.  

One day I came across a promotion for Lazartigue hair products.  Being in Knightsbridge they were expensive, but I was intrigued. I stopped and asked the demonstrator if her products were any use for cancer straw hair?  And out came a scientific but reassuring explanation – so I was hooked.

The French take skin and hair problems seriously, the demonstrator was clued up, and she gave me a run-down of why Lazartigue products could help my hair.

A natural brand made in France

Lazartigue says they “place nature at the heart of our formulas”.Their goal is to reach 95% natural compounds in their products by 2020; if preservatives are needed they use Ecocert approved system of preservatives.

Initially the products may seem expensive, but they contain much less water – to improve active ingredient concentration and to maximize their effectiveness. A small amount of shampoo is all that is required for optimum results, so it lasts and lasts.

J. F. Lazartigue                                                                                                                                                  Lazartigue say using their shampoo, the scalp is naturally soothed. I’ve found that I don’t have to use Synalar gel so often.

What happens
Doctors acknowledge that chemo can make hair fall out, but often don’t realise that hormone therapy (e.g. Tamoxifen) also causes problems.  The pills leave us with ‘straw hair’that loses its shine, and can even be painful to brush or comb.
Eventually kind friends, French doctors and finding a sympathetic dertamologist at Guys Hospital specialist centre restored my self-confidence, and I no longer felt like a stook of dry straw in a field.
And found there ARE products that can restore shine, and help repair our hair etc., but it takes time and persistence to search these out.  You need to be persistent; I had a short cut to care by Googling to find a dermatologist who had done some training in the US, then made a private appointment.  He also worked for the NHS at Guy’s centre; after I had been to him privately to start the ball rolling he was happy to see me on the NHS.
What worked for me
j.f. lazartigue Soy Milk Strengthening Shampoo for fine hair 150mlShampoo

Lazartigue Soy milk strengthening shampoo is Vegan, and as many of us end up with brittle, wispy hair, this really helped me.  It lasts and lasts – I’ve only got halfway through the tube after 2 months use :  £19.50


Matching Soy milk strengthening conditioner. Again, it’s Vegan and long lasting, and I only need to use a tiny amount.  £28 – and there is still more than half left.

Added Bonus

When I purchased the products, I was given their Intensive Scalp Revitalizer Serum to try out.  I was told that this helped when you lose hair, so it might help when undergoing chemo.   As an aded bonus for me, my scalp is much less itchy, and I now only use prescribed Synalar gel occasionally.  I was getting fed up with constanty scratching my scalp, but that seldom happens now.  The serum comes in ampoules, and you rub it into your scalp over dry hair – two or three times a week.

Moral – Frenchwomen look after their skin and hair, so we can learn from them!

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